Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nothing much of anything.

We're incredibly lucky to have the Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC) in our midst, which has recently received a handsome facelift. I've yelled at many a concert, enjoyed countless films and always make it a point to visit the annual Art Maui Exhibit at the wonderful venue.

Art Maui is an juried mixed media exhibit for local Maui artists, who present material that they must have produced in the last two years and not have been shown before. There's never a year without a friend being accepted and for me, that always makes the eclectic show more personal. This year, my lovely neighbor Alysia was accepted for her intricate jewelry piece 'Locket of Dreams'.

Post gallery meandering whist getting into my truck I kept looking around as I kept hearing loud squawk-squawk-squawking. I did a double take upon seeing a massive beautiful parrot on the steering wheel of a minivan, accompanied by three of his mates and a lot of bird shit!

'Tis almost the season again and the mango trees are starting to hang heavy with their scrumptious orbs.

My Uke practice continues to be entertaining (at least for me) and a while ago (like well behaved school kids), we got to have a lesson outside. The tourists were perplexed and happy with their free concert and class swelled the following Thursday with locals and visitors alike.

It's been windy as hell this last week (clearly no handsome facelift here) so I've stayed off the water and peddled, lifted, crunched but mostly lollygagged my way through week. Ciao for now.

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