Sunday, April 03, 2011

The little things.

Having just taken myself to lunch at Mala Restaurant, I perched on the pavement outside to take in the view. Were it not for the roadwork that began at exactly the same time as I sat down, my idillic moment would have been intact.

It's been a fun week of small south shore waves = big fun, though I'm surrrrrre they were way bigger then this.

God it's good here.

Back country.

Front and center, a couple of clicks reveals that this is a Pacific Golden Plover, super cute.

Despite appearances to the contrary I've not been bird watching this week, but as I unloaded my board (for what was to be a fab SUP session), I could hear a kerfuffle in the nearby trees. These two were the guilty parties, super duper cute.

Talk about a fish out of water...

.....yes, but did he go?


Leedslass said...

I don't mind admitting the first thing I thought when I saw the girl in the red dress - she'd got it caught up in her knickers!!

I cannot believe I've got to my age and only just discovered my children are all QUINQUAGENARIANS - never heard that word before. Just shows one is never too old to learn :-)

me said...

nice pics. mala, yummy.

GW Bill Miller said...

Just another day in paradise. Always enjoy your pics Sharon.

Sharon said...

Leedslass: I thought the same thing-but evidently the caught knicker look can be fashion!

Me; Yummy scrummy Mala, wish we had one upcountry.

TG: I return the compliment and am not sure which I marvel at more, the wonderful variety of your subjects or that you post daily!