Saturday, April 23, 2011

Da weekend.

A cloudless morning over Haleakala pulled me toward Poli-Poli to ride my bike. As I've not been riding regularly, the incline was hard going and not even a quarter of the way up I encountered the park gates that were surprisingly closed. Could I have snuck under them and carried on? Sure, but I don't mind admitting that part of me was relieved and instead I cruised from Rice Park to the Kula Hospital, where I witnessed a few patients being pushed in their wheel chairs by caring family on Easter Sunday....sweet.

Looking up toward Poli-Poli and Haleakala beyond, these are the fields to the Ali'i Lavender Farm and Ali'i passed away peacefully last week. If you ever met him, you were left with the clear sense that he was a passionate gentle soul, who's love and enthusiasm for the land was infectious.

It's a great Island wide view from up there and what I like about this otherwise dull pici is that you can see the shadow of the clouds on the isthmus.

The poppies are out in my favorite garden and butterflies were everywhere flitting in and out of the blooming wild nasturtiums.

On a weekday this is my breakfast, but today post morning exercise a protein shake was in order. Whey powder, soy milk and frozen bananas which often end up in my freezer free from the trees. Yummmmmm.

On Saturday, as I sat having coffee with my friend Oly at Casanova's, we chatted and watched the world go by, which at one point tipped in to the unusual. Never a dull moment in Makawao.

Talking of which, rigging up to go sailing at Kanaha also proved to be more amusing than normal when a bird not only crapped on my head (which made me jump), but the volume was such that there was enough left over to hit the bulls eye! The good news...I've never wanted to get in the water so fast and I had a great sesh, il segno!


Leedslass said...

Is that the same lavender gardens where we went for "lavender lunch" and made our own growing wreaths?
I couldn't see any wild nasturtiums, only poppies - we're Paley girls so not sure who is the most muddled here - thee or me:-)
When in doubt take your goat out - I think that might be a good old English saying, or maybe not!
Good luck to be shat upon from a great height don't you know? Now that is an old English saying:-)

Leedslass said...

Whoops it's me who's the most muddled - sorry Daughter Dear :-(

May I say though, a gorgeous picture of poppies - good enough to make me want to paint :-)

Sharon said...

Same lavender garden and while the wreaths have long gone the succulents we planted in them are still going strong.