Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend mini break.

I took a short 45 minute flight and was in another world on Kaua'i for a few days.

With three German's and two Brits, Team Kaua'i was not short on food, wit, laughs or beer....though sleep seemed lacking thanks to the stereophonic booming frogs that bombarded our night time airspace.

A word to the wise, if you ever get into a drinking contest with Frau Elan (pictured left), you will lose!

May I recommend getting some food in your stomach first and conveniently located behind the outdoor garden at The Dolphin restaurant, is Hanalei Fish Market which has the best sushi rolls any of us have ever tasted (even sans beer).

The taro fields spread for acres in the Hanalei valley and are a perfect habitat for some of the endangered native Hawaiian wildlife.

Such as the Hawaiian Moorhen, who along with the Coots and Stilts cutely populate this rich habitat.

Further down the coast the Kilauea Lighthouse is another fantastic viewing point for seabirds playing on the thermals.

While we're on the subject of wildlife, Ulli laying (seemingly) naked didn't phase the women in his life as they've both seen it all before!

Quick trip to the beach anyone?

The Pee-wee get-away vehicles.

Clearly a favored mode of north shore transport.

As the under 50's embarked on an epic overnight adventure along the Kalalau Trail and I quote Michelle "I am now scared of hiking"......(click on the link and view the third photo down to see why)!

......the over 50's celebrated Gertrude's 72nd birthday in style.

Even in an early morning mist there is a breathtaking beauty to Hanalei Bay. If you've not been, never disappoints.


Meesh said...

Love your work Shaz! Fab trip, awesome companions, shocking hike :)

Sharon said...

It might have been shocking, but you still came out smiling-praps with delirium?!

Meesh said...

I think I was slightly hysterical, then happy to be at sea level, then you brough BEER and saved me!

Leedslass said...

There should be an ad. about beer:
"a beer a day helps you work, rest and play". OK, I know I plagiarised Mars bar but it works just as well.
Gorgeous "holiday" pictures Sharon, I wonder why you didn't go on the "terrifying" hike????? Perhaps it's a case that with age comes common semse?

Anonymous said...

Ah Kaua'i!

Just like Port Talbot - with chickens instead of seagulls!