Monday, June 06, 2011

Hana hou.

The waterfalls were flowing strongly as we gently made our way out to Hana. While Melanie and Michelle rode their bikes, Ulli, Gertrude (aka Ulli's Mum) and I drove, stopping periodically to smell the rain and take in the scenery.

Always breathtaking, never disappointing,

We timed our coffee and banana bread pit stop perfectly, ordering just before a tour bus of XXL's arrived, otherwise it would have been shave ice and information with Aloha for us. Melanie could have used a little of the local knowledge herself before discovering that upon lifting Aunty Sandy's trash can lid, it was home to a giant rat!

The original gated community.

Did I mention the water was in full flow?

As the afternoon rain came and went, we cozied up in our comfy pad and I looked on amazed as Michelle sat in a chair and read a book! It's an understatement to say it's not an activity you often catch her doing, but clearly the side effects of 42 miles up hill and down dale were finally kicking in.

We moseyed over to the Hotel for early evening drinkypoo's and music, but there was no music.....only the reverberating sound of my gasp as the $72 bill arrived for five cocktails! That's definitely taking the piss, but it all added to the humor of the day

Gertrude soaking up the rays on her Maui style throne.

We spent most of Sunday morning at Hamoa beach.......

....while Meesh just nonchalantly walked into the sea wearing the clothes on her back for a quick surf sesh. Who gives a monkeys if they are the 'good shorts' of the moment, a girl has to stash her wax somewhere. I have so much to learn about ease and flow from this young woman!


Leedslass said...

Oh beautiful Hana and the permanent rainfall - memories.
I'm surprised you gasped at $72 for cocktails, you usually don't bother and just pay up and smile, it is a five star hotel remember.
I'd be much more aghast at Michelle jumping in the water fully clothed - good job it wasn't Christine you were entertaining to a weekend away. I do think it's lovely the way you all share your parents.

Sharon said...

You're right I don't care about paying it just seemed like such an absurd amount of cash, but it was a damn good cosmo!

Mchumbie said...

Lovely Hana! We also stopped at Sandy's for her banana bread. Wonder if the rats inhabit the kitchen?
Certainly not the first time Meesh has taken an impromptu dip! I remember her at a pool party in Dom Rep, years ago when she decided to dive in wearing her party dress.

Anonymous said...

Thank God For Hana!

But really it's just like Port Talbot with palm trees, and geckos and Fagan's cross and Alau Island and ....

Hope to be back there next year