Sunday, May 29, 2011

All you need is love.

Who doesn't love a wedding?

Especially when you're the stunningly beautiful bride.

Today, Andres and Emilia declared their love for each other in one of the sweetest, simplest and most laid back weddings I've ever attended.

Even the son of God was doing his bit, looking as dignified as one can when emblazoned on a reusable grocery bag. It brings a whole new meaning to 'Jesus Saves'.

A perfect illustration of the laid back vibe.

Don't try this at home kids, but do take in the beauty of this little short film which is another journey of love.

Meanwhile, in other news...... I decided to pass on sailing this weekend as it was blowing a ridiculous 26-40mph. However, there's never a time I don't feel better for riding in the forest (not counting when I went over the handlebars and got a bar end in my boob), but rest assured it's a solid fix for a nature junkie.

I set my ipod on shuffle and off I went, matching the cadence of whatever randomly played in my ears. They say the lord works in mysterious ways and I guess if he can help cart the groceries, he call also help with my steady uphill grind. Which he did with this one by Wilco called 'Jesus, Etc'. If I knew how to play the violin I'd have bored everyone I know to death playing this piece of music....luckily I play the Uke so you can all still enjoy it.


rebecca said...

'all you need is love' - well said. beautiful pics. if you have any free time this week get your 3.5 and give me a buzz. - r

Sharon said...

Had my weekly extra day off yesterday, but I think it's time to step up and buy a 340 and 3.5 for the summer :-)

Mchumbie said...

Lovely beach wedding!
"Only in America" came to mind when I saw the religous grocery bag! Must get one on my next trip...

Leedslass said...

At last I could see what was playing on your video thingy - I've just had my tame friend Lee in to sort out the computer for me.
When I move he's promised to give me lessons on my ipad so I can do without a laptop :-)

Lovely wedding by the way - I love outdoor weddings, remember Golden Gate park??? Perhaps you'd rather forget?

Sharon said...

Mchumbie: I'll keep my eye's open for you!

LL: LOL-GGP, yup that was a good one!

Mchumbie said...

My favourite shopping bag at the moment is one from Walmart, costing 25c and comes with washing and IRONING instructions printed on it! But the one in your picture wins hands down.