Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ho'okipa offerings.

At low tide I padded around Hookipa looking for a shot, but was too impatient to hang around for a corker.

This one however caught my eye as now I know (post clinic) that throwing a rooster tail is as much of a learned windsurfing skill as any other. This one gets a 6.5 out of 10 from the British judge.

This looks like Mark Angulo and his mutant....but what do I know?

Feminine prettiness collecting shells.

Talking of Hookipa, this beautiful fish used to live there and how rude of me not to have removed the kitchen sponge before David Baileying my dinner. It does give you pause that just hours before this beautiful creature was swimming in the ocean and the next thing you know it's caught, is in a cooler, then stuffed in a bag with his head down the garbage disposal at my house. The value placed on it's life was a mere $10.00, oh the indignity of it all.

What can do, but honor it by making a delicious dinner and not wasting a morsel.

And finally, remember my friendly neighborhood heavily prego preying mantis? Well she (or one of her girlfriends) just deposited her egg sack on the hand rail of my front stairs. I overrode my homeowner urge to scrape it off and am now eagerly awaiting the happy event. Stay tuned.


Mchumbie said...

Looks like you're headng for vegetarianism. Gordon would be pleased you're thinking of the fish.
Hope to see pics of lots of little mantises soon!

Sharon said...

uffff-I tell you, it makes you think twice when you have to gut it pre- dinner!

Leedslass said...

Why didn't you ask the fishmonger to do it for you? You're almost a vegetarian now aren't you?

What do I know about praying mantis larvae - I thought it had deposited something entirely different on your handrail!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Sharon! So sorry I missed the wedding! I'll be back on June 25th, by the way! WOOOOHOOOO!!!