Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend reflections.

It's late February and I was long overdue for a whale watch. While the rain drizzled down in Makawao, I headed out in the early morning to Kihei with the hopes of finding both the sun and the giants of the winter water migration.

The whales breached alright, but were way too far for off for us to paddle out and meet them. Meanwhile, Nancy and I had a close encounter of a smaller kind. Unfazed by our presence, a pair of big turtles breathed heavily on the surface and floated alongside us for a while.

......before diving gracefully into the depths below.

Meanwhile on the North shore, the gusty east winds blew and I expressed gratitude for my diverse home in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

As I sat at Sugar Cove with a friend sharing the ups and downs of life, her small son boogie boarded with confidence in the sloppy surf. All of us getting our needs met, lightening up with support of nature and each other.

Earlier in the day a friend asked me "do you cook for yourself"? "I do", was my reply.....cauliflower pasta anyone?


Leedslass said...

Meeting up with those heavy breathing turtles must have reminded you of your Mater!! How tranquil everything looks in your neck of the woods but over here I'm simply chuffed to see the sun shine and the crocuses and snowdrops finally making an appearance.

Have you put apricots into your cauliflower pasta?

Sharon said...

haha-put your bins on ma, those apricots are carrots!

Leedslass said...

Whoops!!! I never even thought of carrots, simply wrote what I thought they looked like DOH......