Sunday, April 01, 2012

Inspire 'd'.

There's nothing like a bit of flower power to set my appreciation groove rolling.

Hello Iris.
All three were communing in the same garden, lovely stuff.

Morning dew.

One of the locals at Kanaha.

Her feathers will be smelling a bit smokey this morning after the fire on Stable Road. No one was hurt, but there'll be a lot of washing and cleaning going on for those affected by this yesterday.

When I pass this I always want to spray a 'd' on the end.......maybe I will..... and start a graffiti scrabble game.


Leedslass said...

Those are gorgeous flower pictures - very paintable. I think the third photograph may be an allium (part of the onion family). Shades of Daddy's teaching still remain in this old brain:-) Where you've written about morning dew and your next piccie is a hen, my immediate thought was cock a doodle dew!
What a fire that's been quite exciting but scary as well - lucky no one was hurt.

Sharon said...

With your gift for puns you should you should start the Homegarth Gazette! Afraid there was nothing exciting about the fire....and you're right, eveyone was v.lucky.