Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's been a while.

I love the late afternoon tranquil light of upcounty Maui.

Oddly these deep orange/gold/yellow blooms belong to the Silver Oak tree!

I was coming out of Rodeo General when across the street this late night barrel caught my eye.

The Google Street View car has been roaming the Island again. I snapped it as it sat like a sleeping giant at the Hawaiian Canoe Club Hale, it felt sinisterly dormant.

In coming off the water this week I couldn't help but ask this lady about her waterproof gallery. I got totally caught up in looking at all the photo's as she explained some of the magical and important moments in her life.

Talking of magical moments-Ulli's latest antics have become legendary. He just doesn't bloody care. While the rest of us were catching up, Ulles sits down and doesn't see a roof, but a diving board opportunity. It didn't take long for the harness line engineering to ascend said diving board to begin.

Roof divers and paparazzi at the ready.

I'm not sure who was more excited, Ulli for his flawless flying mangina performance or Brook for capturing the moment so perfectly!

And lets not forget Michelle's incredible flat footed back flip and this from a girl with a fear of heights!

Then there was this weeks Fabio meet and greet......absolute farking genius. While other stood in line for who knows what reason, Ulli's mission to take the piss was very clear!

On another note entirely, take the time to watch this audio slide show from Timothy Allen, the only still photographer on the BBC's Human Plant, it's stunning stuff. Peace - out.


Leedslass said...

What a lovely diverse set of photographs - fascinating. My one comment is who ever named the Silver Oak must have been colour-blind! Ten out of ten for Ulli but only seven for Michelle (her feet don't come up to snuff)!!!
The Human Planet was an absolutely fascinating programme - definitely up to Sir David Attenborough's standard. I think we may have found his successor (although I hope not for a long time to come).
That Google car does look ominous, how can a car have That Look????
As usual Sharon, a fascinating group of piccies - your Dad would have been so proud.

Mchumbie said...

Classic Ulli and Michelle moments!

GW Bill Miller said...

Hello - Where have you been? I miss your posts. Hope all is well in paradise.