Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fruits, faces and other assorted things.

My tree branches have been straining under the weight of their star fruit labour. There's way too much for one (and this is my third harvest of this size), so I wash them, keep a couple for myself,  bag up the rest and leave them on the doorsteps of friends I know who love them.

Don't let this happen to you! Driving along after an enjoyable bike ride to the winery (despite having drunk nothing but coffee), I nearly lost my bike. Whoops a daisy, that could have been an expensive lesson that thankfully an extra $2.00 bungee will fix!

How apropos that I saw this on the back of a lorry the day after my bike ride.

Given the terrain, I wouldn't exactly call it a beach walk, but it's fantastic what you can find along the way. Here is young Master Goya hoisting the recycle flag he found.

Nothing like a bit of fungus to brighten the scenery.

A bit of a fixer upper.

 This alarmed piece of wood was asking to be snapped.

As was this wide eyed chap on the way to work the other morning.

However, these Picasso pants are the best yet. Not my pici, but credit to the anonymous person who took it. Or as the great man himself once said, "Good artists copy, great artists steal".
Pablo Picasso 

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Leedslass said...

Interesting photographic record. Lucky you with the bike - hope you've got sufficient tags to hold it securely now.