Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It feels like years since I've been on vacation just for me. The constraints of my own mind on Maui moved in one step too close for comfort and so, two weeks ago I booked a ticket to Bali. I packed my sarong, my lycra, grabbed my Ukulele and stepped out on a spontaneous surf trip with friends.

There is a dirty beauty to Bali that I loved 13 years ago on my first visit and the chasm of time hasn't changed the counties housekeeping habits or my feelings one iota.

A woman on a surf trip might want surf, but be careful what you wish for as (upon arrival) it was so big none of us could venture into the water.

Still it was a sight to behold, so we walked and watched and talked and walked and watched and talked some more. 

Hmmmm, not sure what deity this is.....!

I already know I will miss the decorative, noisy, polluted, crazy, sweet, kind, gentle, simple, nuts, beautiful, stinky melting pot of constant contrasts that Bali is.

Not to mention my new look! 


Leedslass said...

Fourth and fifth pictures down deserve comment - but I'm speechless!!! Glad Bali is/was as you expected, sometimes memories play us false but obviously not for you. Hope the break has made you feel more like your old self, I'm sure it has. The helmet is a definite keeper:-)

Sharon said...

You speechless....I worry!

Leedslass said...

Don't be cheeky, I've calmed down in old age. Never thought I'd write that :-)