Sunday, May 19, 2013


With the surf too big, I headed up to Ubud to meet a good friend and practice some yoga. Nothing like rocking up and finding a perfect room, $15 a night, hot water, wifi and breakfast!

This was what I looked like after I lost my credit card. Which is exactly the same as before I lost my credit card!

Ubud is intense. It's a small place with too many people, too much traffic and a lot of energy, yet look to your left or right and magical sanctuaries abound. A brief glance gives the senses enough breathing room to focus forward again, step around the dog, over the uneven pavement and onward to where ever it is you're going.

All yoga studios should have the fantasy entrance of the Yoga Barn. Blending function with nature, they've got it down and classes are diverse with innovative teachers from around the world. Plus everything in Ubud is walking distance, which merely adds to the experience of living healthy.

Sound healing was incredible, an hour and a half of laying on the floor listening to the didgeridoo, percussion and your own mind. I've done many such journeys and am on intimate terms with my thoughts, most of which I tell to piss off!

The only thing to do after communing with one's higher self was to head to Sari Organic. It's a healthy trek through the rice padis with stunning food, tranquil views and a bliss factor 10.

Cute beyond cute, I've never seen a duck with a pom-pom on its head. 

Bali is an endless source of 'just when you think you've seen it all' moments. Here there is nothing that requires footware and can't go on a scooter.....

......and they're off, down a very narrow alleyway like a crazy video game, with no desire of getting to the next level.

And here it is, a small visual (that for me) represents the constant contrast of offering and waste.

Nothing like death to bring people together, and here it's true, as death is a celebration - a temporary departure with no cause for sadness. This shindig is going to be quite a knees up.

The body gets put into the holy cow and it, along with this ginormous cremation tower are carried to a sacred spot (not in a straight line so as to confuse the evil spirits) where the whole thing goes up in flames. This releases the spirit from the body allowing for the next reincarnation. 

As an egg plant perhaps?


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

This is amazing to me. Thanks for posting.

Leedslass said...

That's it Sharon, I'm changing my will re. my funeral - I want to be taken to Lawnswood in one of those things and have you and Red following on behind, happily chanting. Fantastic.

Yogi, what a pleasant surprise, to see you here :-)

Leedslass said...

Did you ever find your credit card? Remember when Dad got his knickers in a twist in SF when he lost his and you calmly sorted him out?

G. W. Bill Miller said...

If you got to go, go in style.