Sunday, May 28, 2006

The dismount.

OK-this is the sentence I wanted to start with”theres always a moment when I cut my feet on the reef that I wonder how bad is it?” But that sounds so pompous, like I’m out in some kind of radical watery situation narrowly escaping a trip to the ER, due to my death defying extra curricular weekend activities!

So I thought how about “I was sitting on my surf board yesterday conjugating Italian verbs” But that promotes the belief that I’m somehow bi-lingual and simply amusing myself with the Italian language between sets (as one does)!

Actually, while surfing at Launiopoko yesterday (amongst other pearls of wisdom) I had both of the above thoughts. My lesson for the day seemed to be “the dismount”. I kept on winding up close to the rocks with quite a bit of energy still behind me. Given that I’m crap at steering the board and fueled by a little panic, a nice belly flop into the white water consistently seemed my only exit option. That’s my ‘radical watery situation’ and in my own goofy & distinctly unladylike way, getting back on the board I committed a beginner’s blunder and put my foot down.

I wasn’t thinking in Italian then, but if I had verbs would not have been the first words out of my mouth, vafanculo would!

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