Sunday, May 21, 2006

Heavenly Hana

Spirit pulls me every 4 or 5 months to go to Hana. It’s simply not possible for me to go there and not be rejuvenated. The supreme magnificence of the place visually and energetically recharges me in a way that no other place can. There's a bumper sticker that reads "Thank God for Hana", I do and I don't even believe in him!

Of course traveling with the Itai always brings an additional element of comedy that adds to the whole experience……

This is Hanamanu and my first gift was to ride my bike from here toward Hana while Giampaolo caught a late surf session.

No… that’s not him, though this dude was part of his inspiration to go out.

Meanwhile back on my bike, what a treat to feel all that power & energy from the aina . Riding next to the edge of the rain forest the amount of life force coming from the vast periphery is palpable. The pre-arranged plan was for Giampaolo to pick me up along the way before dark. However, he was outdone by a gust of wind that blew the truck door shut, with him on the outside and the keys locked inside! A reverse Houdini maneuver performed by a couple of surfers got him back on the road again. My second gift was to be picked up by Giampaolo right before dark. Good job, as my poorly thought out ‘plan b's’ were all a bit pathetic!

I seemed to be particularly obsessed with leaves this trip. You never know what your days (and nights) in Hana are going to bring. For sure they're always filled with great food, surprises, exercise, appreciation, naps, music and magic that flow on a gentle cruise control.

Blue, green, white and black are the dominant colors there and I notice my eyes relax from not being over stimulated. Check out the beauty of Nihiku.

Once a hunter & gatherer.......

While I don’t have a four legged of my own, I’m always happy to be in their company. These two puppers were eating the fallen avocados using their paws like hands and ending up with guacamole on their doggy lips. Fantastic.....

The dogs weren't the only ones having fun with the avo's. Secret training....

Unfortunately, while playing Tennis and performing his signature volleyball ‘jump serve’ our fearless athlete was pulled to the ground by an old war wound. Bugger, just when I was starting to win...coincidence? That snuffed out Sundays plans but we'd had a grand few days in Hana enjoying the R&R. I was happy I went and happy to be home. Perfection.

Here we are...they don't have year books in Europe, but if they did I feel sure we'd have been voted the two people leaset likely to become best friends!


Chris Moonbeams said...

Hi, I was just wandering the blogosphere and here I am at your blog. I enjoy the style of how this all works.

This is one to watch.


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mater70 said...

I agree with the comments of the last speaker - someone with good taste! As usual brilliant photos and comments - wonder where you get your genes from?