Monday, September 11, 2006

Men behaving badly.

One often hears the refrain “there are no decent men on Maui”. I beg to differ and here is my proof along with a little quiz!

While Gregg’s arse might look natural, it’s not…in fact it’s all artificial and man___!
While Ulli looks as cuddly as a bunny he's really just looking for the first opportunity to push, pull or hold something roughly (other than Michelle) to show off his manly man____.
Jami (subtle as always) brings a whole new meaning to the opening in the street that gives access to sewers below the street. What a fine specimen of a man____!
And finally, Giampaolo is comfortably in disguise from the organized posse searching for an Italian criminal who has so far escaped their grasp. It's an outright man____!
Ok- this is just a cool pici of Brad-Me and Erol at the post Hana Relay pajama party. Big thanks to Jami and Nancy for once again being the hosts with the most. In true Hana Relay style they are now passing the party baton to anyone that wants it!

Eye sight test and quiz answers: man-made, manpower, manhole, manhunt.


meesh said...

you are truly the queen of blog posts.... and sexy jammies!!

mater70 said...

Totally brilliant and clever with your words - tell Jamie I would have recognised him anywhere and love GP's night attire - pink is so his colour.

cammar said...

...not too sure about that!

mater70 said...

Come on now GP - don't be bashful - that's not like you.
You know you look good in pink and fuzzy balls.
For being such a good sport go and see Sharon in a couple of weeks' time - you may find something in the post that will please you :-)

cammar said...

You mean you shipped something in the mail?!?
Can't wait...