Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hawaiian directions.

Walk down the little dirt path,
Past the log in the water,
Under the tree where the big coconut lives,
And ta-dah....there you are. I swear I've lived in Hawaii for 17 years and cross streets and road names are rarely used unless you're visiting. If you ask me for directions I will look at you with bewildered confusion if you name the roads 31 to 56 etc..... Actually it's not dissimular to the UK-go past The Red lion, make a left a greasy spoon, past the chippy and ta-dah....there you are (I'll have half a bitter shandy-thanks for asking)!


meesh said...

and a packet of crisps

Sharon said...

Exactly- smokey bacon or cheese & onion?! Then I'll have the ploughmans lunch and apple pie & cows turd for pud. God-no wonder Brits are the fat bastards of Europe. Yummmmmmmy though!