Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is the quintisential view that every tourist to Hanalei has and why not? Look how beautiful it is and from the big rain we had, how the river has swelled.
The taro patches here are plentiful here, our friend Martin owns Maui Taro Burgers (commonly known to his buddies as Martin burgers) and they are fricki'n delicious.
Even on a cloudy day the Napali Coast takes your breath away.
As the first north swell of the season showed up, I was attempting to show the sets rolling in....anyway-now I've explained, you get the point of this photo. This break had 6 people on it, a veritable sanctuary for a migrating Italian surfer from Maui!
And it produced waves like this - sweeeeet! This was two days ago and with the swell building I suspect this is going to look like childs play in comparison to what we see today.
We have spent most every evening enjoying the sunset at Hanalei. The sand is like powdered sugar, the view consistantly stunning and the vibe friendly and healthy. Anywhere you live it's worth taking a moment to reflect on your abundence, as the day slips from late afternoon into night.


Ely from NYC said...

Beautiful shots, Sharon! Don't forget fresh sushi at Sushi and Blues after a great day of surfing or surf watching in Hanalei!

Whenever I'm there, I hang out at the Bay and watch the sunset with friends and a bottle of Champagne! If you like, I can email Giampaolo to buy some Asti Spumante for you!

Much love,


Sharon said...

Ely-how delightful to get the Sushi & Blues tip from NYC-you well travelled bugger-love it! As for the Asti, you might have to e-mail and wire money!!

mater70 said...

Some of those pitures are truly magical Sharon - makes me want to paint them - can I have copies please?
To anyone reading this, they will realise I'm such a computer dork - but I do have the excuse of age!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

If I left a thank you every time you post great pictures that would get boring. But after a set like these I just can't resist. Thank you, thank you.

mater70 said...

That Tulsa gentleman has such great taste - Tone would have been so proud.

cammar said...

Hey, when are you going to post the photo that shows my reply to Ely's comment?

Sharon said...

TG: Thank you for the kind words they are much appreciated.You are no slouch in the photo department yourself! Mutual appreciation all around.