Sunday, September 17, 2006

For a good time go to.... Giampaolo has a new little toy...suffice to say I laughed my ass off & I doubt you'll be disappointed by his latest post.
Meanwhile, having looked at Greg's arse all week, I thought I'd replace it with another! Actually, I just like all the blues in this photo and the uphill motion of the ride to the other side.
Evidently as you get up there in years, getting splashed in the face isn't as fun as it used to be!


mater70 said...

Is this The Greg from LA who might have offered me B & B last year?

Sharon said...

Nope-that was 'double g' Gregg. This Greg is a wild & crazy guy with a dress-up box that would give most women’s closet's a run for their money!

meesh said...

I think the old dude is confused, and is mixing his karate training with surfing ..... though it can be useful in the line up sometimes!!

mater70 said...

Am I allowed to ask why Greg requires a dress-up box?
My sign in is "ALORZ" feel I should add "ZUT" in front of it!

cammar said...

Hey, respect!
The "old dude" rules! He goes around with an old VW van all painted crazy. On the front it says:"legalize everything"!