Monday, March 26, 2007

Hana 2007

We seemed to have a water theme this past Hana weekend. With the chance of 40% precipitation-trust me-Hana style, I was prepared to stay inside our cozy little cabana for a few days. In the area of Hanalei on Kauai the ancient Hawaiians had 17 distinct names for the different kinds of rain that fell on their land, I’m sure it was no different in Hana and we lucked out only experiencing a few of the rains personalities this weekend. With impressive water features in every direction it was hard to know where to look!

Of course without all that moisture there would be no rain forest, waterfalls, lush vegetation & creatures that make up the magnificence of this sacred little spot on the planet. In contrast the County of Maui (in its infinite wisdom) sent a different kind of drizzle to the sides of the road in the form of ‘round up'! So while I’m sure there are a myriad of good reasons for this, looking at brown poisoned plants on the roadside for much of the drive out was not matching my ideal tropical pictue!
It’s great to unplug from the grid (though GP was disappointed in the coconut wireless reception). No cell phone, no computer, not even a phone in our cabana, heaven. Nature just unfolds before you doing its thing and personally I love being surrounded by it, feeling like the speck that I am and it the dominant force….which of course is the truth of it.
Anyway… can take the girl of England but I always have a trusty umbrella and a wooly jumper handy especially in the tropics!
Here’s Hana’s own Ola Eleogram executing one of the many of the 360’s we saw him do at Hamoa. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

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And finally.....I had the bright idea that if we stepped into the bamboo forest we’d be able to record the sound. Good idea-poor execution!


Ely from NYC said...

Very nice, Sharon. i love the sound of the bamboo forest.

See you next week!

mater70 said...

I wasn't sure whether that was rain in the bamboo forest or GP peeing. If it was the latter then I suggest he sees a urologist pretty soon - he has a problem with his flow!

Lovely pictures, of course, of Hana but it's heavenly Hana isn't it? Memories.......

I am worried about Ely's visit next week - take great care daughter dear. Send me a picture please so I can see this guy from NYC.

Sharon said...

Mater 70: No worries it was the forest relieveing itself-not the Itai! As for our international man of mystery just go to the post of Sunday Aug 27th 2006...or click on the label 'friends'.

Ely from NYC said...

Hey Mater,

I'm speechless....

I really don't know what to say. I guess you'll just have to read about my Maui adventures in Sharon's blog--if I make the cut.

nikinpos said...

Does that poor man not have any t shirts or tops? He's always half naked!

cammar said...

The poor man got plenty t-shirts... he just doesn't like to wear them.
That's one of the (many) reasons because he likes living in tropical weather.
He also hates:
- socks
- underwear
- closed shoes
- ties... of any kind!