Sunday, September 23, 2007

North and South.

My sunset walks are working! The gentle massaging received by my internal organs & tissue feels like an affectionate awakening after a short hibernation. Love this woman, her priorities match mine..... :-)

On the South shore it's possible to have quite the Robinson Cruso experience, including the appearance of a second set of footprints with no one site! I confess I looked over my shoulder once or twice, but all I saw was a solo sandpiper tenaciously foraging for its dinner. She played cat and mouse with the waves sometimes flying & singing, but mostly escaping like a roadrunner to avoid being swamped by the shore break. She didn’t always make it.

On Maui’s North shore, walking on the beach for an hour actually takes you an hour and a half because you always run into someone you know.Case in point, last night after ambling at sunset with Ulli, Michelle and GP we rewarded our efforts (as one does) with a cold beer and were soon joined by Max (who has a wet nose) taking Martin (who doesn’t), for a sandy stroll. Delightful.


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Anonymous said...

You're going to hate this Sharon, I naturally assumed the floating lady was you and totally understood (for the first time) why you don't like your Paley hooter. THEN I read your comment and discovered she is a many-humped stranger Bet you think your nose is quite cute now?

Mater x

Sharon said...

Hey Glen: There's not a pici of a curry house in site, are you sure you're from Brady?!

Mater: Well perhaps now is a good time to let everyone one know you're blind in one eye! I had a thought that I should replicate this photo, but then I realzed my nose might be bigger and my boobs flatter so my next thought was fukdat!

cammar said...

your nose might be bigger, but your boobs for sure are not flatter:

cammar said...

Sorry, let's see if I can provide that link in an easier way:

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cammar said...

Sorry for the comments flood, I tried.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully I'm a one-eyed Jack until Monday then third time lasering lucky!!!!!!

You appear to have a fan from Bradford - now what a small world that is :-) How's the Alhambra and St George's Hall?

Mater x

Anonymous said...

GP I appreciate you trying to boost daughter's confidence in her boobs - I'm with you on this one - they're definitely not flat.
It's in the genes you know :-)

Mater x

Lano said...

Did somebody say boobs?