Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday snooze.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, wiggling ones toes in the sand always feels good and today (despite it being a bit overcast) we headed for the beach. In lieu of water wings I had a touristy florescent green blow-up mattress for me to look idiotic on. It worked well (both the floating and the idiotic parts) until I became a petulant child coming back to dry land after only five minutes because I was cold! In my defense let me say I could not lay belly down and paddle...still. This moved me swiftly to plan b, to be pulled behind Giampaolo’s windsurfing board on said blow-up mattress. Let me just put it this way, good idea, poor execution!

I beached myself after such vigorous exercise and doubt anyone will deny that a good nap was in order. While thankfully we have no photos of the floating green goddess, unfortunately the same can not be said of my forty winks. Good grief...!


Anonymous said...

My first thought on seeing the flip flops was "how sad" - they look so lonely lying there. However, the picture of you fast asleep brought back memories - I've only just realised you've stopped sucking your thumb!!!!!
When did you give up that habit?

Mother's can be a pain in the backside with their knowledge of author's background:-)

Mater x
P.S. My verification word is NITZB but I won't go into those memories.

Lim said...

Hi Sharon's Mom. Its funny how people think differently. My first thought on seeing the flip flops was "how Cool!" The owner must have abandoned the slippers in a big hurry, rushing to the waters enjoying swimming, or surfing, not caring if they find the slippers later!

cammar said...

that'll be me earlier at Kanaha...
I left my slippers on the beach and when I got back, somebody had nicked them.
No big deal... if somebody is so desperate to steal cheap rubber slippers, for sure they need them more than I do! It's like doing charity to the people who really need...

Anonymous said...

GP: those were your "slippers"?
I was right "how sad", mine are lovely, fluffy cuddly ones and I certainly wouldn't wear them on the beach!

Mater x

Sharon said...

Mater: Those are my slippers and as Lim rightly guessed they were cast aside with gay abandon as joy (and water) washed over me at the beach. Nothing sad about them, trust me you’d be begging for a try on after your fluffy one’s become sand ridden!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Regardless of whose slippers they are it's a great photo - every grain of sand is distinct. Your talents know no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Well all I can say in my defence Daughter dear, oh my what big feet you've got!!!!

Mater x