Saturday, September 29, 2007

My fair lady.

Even after a good nights sleep, I think my senses are still in overload after last nights visit to the Maui County Fair. I don’t know what came over me as I usually avoid it like the plague, but I was drawn to see the prize winning veggies, take a looksie at the photo’s and stare at the children getting scared and dizzy on the rides. Must be the full moon.

I suspect most western countries have their own version of a traveling fair with, games rides and local contests for everything home-grown in the area. Maui is no exception "oh look dear, Colin’s Round-Head Cock came in first again and how about this Cuban Cock, my word, isn’t he a beauty”. Personally I fall in line behind Austin Powers and the things that scare him, “Carnies. Circus folk. Nomads, you know. Smell like cabbage. Small hands”.

For a mere $4.00 you too may enter the maze of community noise, lights, people, candy floss, teenagers, music, strollers, screaming, arts, crafts and creativity (all in a smoke free environment) but after a few hours a break was in order. Like a pair of old people we gratefully sat down and ate our Dahma center vegetarian food and took a much needed moment. That was the beginning of the end as my senses slowed down like an unplugged hard drive; then I realized we were actually fortifying ourselves for the energy it would take to navigate ‘the leave’!

As we started our journey back to the car I stood and stared at 20 people suspended upside down in the night sky, Giampaolo nudged me with an angelic smile on his face. "Look" he said, I did, at the group of 16 year old girls stood directly in front of us “what” I said. “don’t you see”? I watched their flirty behavior I cross examined them searching for the attraction he was drawn to and I didn’t get it "no, do I know them”? “look again” he said and then I saw it. The big amber orb of our moon hanging low and beautiful in the sky and my senses rested.

PS: Author exhibiting enormous maturity in the path of a giant Zucchini!


Nancy said...

I knew I did not want to go to the fair...the blog post was enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Lovely entry Sharon - it took me back to my childhood and the Woodhouse Moor feast. OMG, more than 50 years ago............

Glad you can show restraint with something re. the zucchini, which is more than can be said for your apostrophes (apostrophe's: apostrophes').

Mater x

Sharon said...

Nancy: Yup, you really had to really want to go to put up with it all!

Mater: LOL-oh the suffering I must cause you with my poor spelling and punctuation. It is sad I agree, but what’s worse is most people I know are worse than me (except for the Itai)!

Anonymous said...

I am in agony - why is it I am the only member in the family who likes punctuation? No, that should be LOVES - I guess it's 'cos I'm a secretary - there's a few more apostrophes for you :-)

Mater x

Cerebral Itch said...

In your blog, one can find the words: "zipper", "cock" and "giant zucchini".

Like any of us are shocked