Thursday, December 13, 2007

All I want for Christmas......

I thought and I thought and I thought and all I really want for Christmas is for my sis-in-law to be out the other side of her health journey, happy, healed and whole. Santa told me ‘no problem little girl, the gift of good health-consider it done'.


Anonymous said...

If I was a boozer I'd say "I'll drink to that" - but I'm not so all I can do is be there for her
(and Red, of course).

A happy Christmas and HEALTHY New Year to all your fans.

Mater xxxxxxxx (hope that's enough to go round)

joyce said...

you got a nice rack. I wish i was santa

chris said...

HAHAHA, sorry, Sharon, but this Santa guy doesn’t look like knowing much about good health, I means he’s 4 times bigger than you and maybe worrying about to fully fit in his oversized chair only, but bringing health ?!! Or was he just kushened ?

Thanks for the wishes Mater multi x, we all can use good health, Christmas less, I think. But if this messy Christmas idea means something to you I wish you a healthy Joxeux Noël.