Sunday, December 02, 2007


I kept on thinking, if Lanes looks like this, Jaws must be going off?! I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rapidly edited, stocking stuffer dvd 'Dec 1st 2007' on the shelves soon!

Anyway I planted my arse on the bluff yesterday (along with everyone else who owned a camera) and there’s simply no way anyone didn’t walk away with some great shots.

I was surreptitiously located to get a little ‘how to’ video of Jason Polakow launching from the rocks. The rock hopper types must develop some extra sensory penguin gripping ability in their feet because I have no doubt most of us would slip even sans equipment!

Clearly he made it.

Or did he? He was a cheeky, perky happy chappy on the way out and only slightly more reflective upon his return! Mudafuka who wouldn’t be after a wipe out,swim and then faced with people like me taking pictures like this!

It really was the perfect Kona storm as there was enough of a wave to let a few talented surfers have some fun on an empty playing field. ‘Come on lads what was wrong with that one’?! (oh yeah it's a massive close-out).

More bettah!

Personally I’m not a fan of Kona winds. They blow my fur the wrong way and I experience a mellow undertow of agitation. Thankfully not everyone feels the same way and watching natures combustible forces coupled with such windsurfing/surfing athletic prowess, I was reluctant to remove myself from such a juicy vortex.

As today’s forecast is for a smaller version of yesterday, guaranteed I’ll have another cuppa, pack a lunch and head down the hill for the next installment.

Here's a of wee video I took to give you a better feel of how crazy this last Kona session was.


Anonymous said...

Looking at those waves, as a Mother, I can only say thank God my girl's got the sense to sit and snap rather than participate.

Are any of your friends idiotic enough to ride waves like those?

Mater x

Ely from NYC said...

Hey Sharon,

Those shots are awesome, love 'em! And that video is great, too. When was it shot though. Was it from the last few days or last year? It says it was posted in July on youtube...

See you in February!


Anonymous said...

I'm most curious as to know what job you actually do Ely - how come you can spend six months in New York and six months visiting my girl?

Mater x

Sharon said...

Shit-Shit-Shit-Ely you're right! I was in a rush and didn't check the date, now I'll really have to upload my own stuff! Stay tuned.

Mater: I do have a few friends have the skill and balls to ride those monsters-ordinary peeps with extraordinary talent.

fswp said...

it's like woow !! massive experience!!

like the photo's very much !!

Ely from NYC said...

Hey Mater,

I really wish you were right about that! It's definitely my goal though, 4 months in Maui, 6 months in NYC, two months travelling around the rest of the globe. I did manage to score almost 2 months there this past year, and I consider myself blessed to be able to have done that. For me to reach my goal I would have to retire, or win the lottery! Both options are in the works! ;-)

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Ely: you can officially be on my list of recipients should I ever become a multi-millionairess on the lottery. With a wish list like yours you deserve to be on it:-)

Mater x

Anonymous said...