Sunday, December 16, 2007

Change is inevitable.

There’s been some radical upheaval lately not only with our recent storm but in the lives of people close to me. It gives pause for introspection and my favorite poet David Whyte poses the following question: “What is your next step in life”? To check-in with yourself just look at your current existence in any given nano second. So, if all of a sudden you were to find yourself dropped out of nowhere reading this blog with a voice saying; “ OK- this is your life……if it were offered to you right now (as is) would you take it”? Then you spit out your love, car, friendship, money, spiritual, work, family tally and answer his question.

So would I want this life......?

You have multiple friends that help you through the tough times and in the good times feed your spirit & soul.
You have a business partner who you trust, adore and admire.
You are crap at languages and grammar and this bugs you.
You hang out with a man who makes me laugh and helps you grow.
You have money in the bank for a rainy day.
Your skin is a bit saggy.
You own a non-precious truck that is reliable and paid for.
You have no addictions and are in good health.
You have a tendency to worry too much.
You are happy alone and love good company..
You have a little family back in UK that you'd like to see more.
You are a jack of all trades master of none.

My answer would be ‘hell – yes”, because god knows I could have this blokes job! So PHEW, no radical changes to be made today. Though as Whyte rightly points out most of us would go “well I like this, this and this, but do I have to take this bit as well”?! So what is my next step in life? Well, as it’s working beautifully right now I’m not going to alter a thing (Ok perhaps I’ll work-out more consistently, get rid of my rotting couch and get back on the water). However, ask me again soon as anyone’s world can alter in a heartbeat and as we all know, the only thing constant is change.


Nancy said...

You have it all darlin!!!
People just want to be around you or better yet, want to be you!!
the trusted biz partna!!

Sharon said...

Ha! Compliments will get me everywhere :-)

Jace said...

I would love to be in you.

Michelle said...

thank for the lovely post. looking forward to another cuppa with you soon (not in you tho)!!