Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Camera Shy.

Well that was a short honeymoon! The feel, the look, the weight the dials, the features, the ease of use, the 4 x AA batteries, even the battery door are all perfection personified and then we come to the quality……ah yes the quality and here in lies the possible deal breaker. (Cosmo, wondering why I'm moaning about the quality when he's never looked more handsome).

Rats, drat and double drat, shame on me because I fell so soon for what I believed was the perfect mate but guess what, in one major area the Canon is flawed (will I never learn)! My girlfriends and I have always said you only get 80% of what you want in a man and there’s always that 20% you didn’t count on. The question is can you live with that 20%? (Tree and gear, despite not being human working in perfect harmony, proving my aforementioned theory total rubbish).

Aghhhhh and here in lays my camera angst. For the majority of photos this baby is a dream, but when I’m at The Point at Hookipa, neither the Auto, Sport or the newly tried today TV aperture/ISO settings give me the crisp and sharp image I’m looking for and that ladies and gentlemen is a big bloody deal. So do I adapt, working with this fantastic foundation learning to love it warts and all, or do I ditch this puppy, keep my standards and look for the next fish in the sea? (Above is a mildly acceptable image from today's big surf, but it was just one of a few satisfactory pici's out of many taken).

As an aside having tested the 20 x optical zoom it works beautifully with the self timer and a stationary object......could it possibly be me? Lemme know wotcha think.


Anonymous said...

I haven't a clue what you're looking for in a camera. My parental thought is that if Red has recommended it to you then it's good and maybe you should keep on trying to sort things out.
He's back home on Sunday night from holiday, give him a call and explain your reservations and perhaps he can help you see the light. That doesn't mean I think Red is always right and you're talking through your rear end but it's worth a half hour's chat to discuss your anxieties.

All I can add is a blind man would be pleased to see your pictures!!!

Mater x

Lano said...

Geez, after you last post I thought we had you sorted as far as cameras go, are you women ever happy? (maybe dont answer that as I lknow the answer)

Maybe you should really up the anti and look at an SLR. I think what you are looking at is control and flexibility, not sure $300-400 will get you that.

Spend the money, you know you want to!

I seem to remember an advert on Maui Rocks Radio that had Digital SLR's on sale, Lighthouse Camera's behind Hawaiian Island, I nearly got one, they were bloody cheap compared to what we get here in OZ, third of the price.

Trevor loved the pic of the cat

Tulsa Gentleman said...

If you want a camera that gives you a very long depth of field AND high speed to stop motion then you can find one but it will be big as a washtub, weigh a ton and cost a fortune. But then you will lose the features of light weight and ease of use. The search for perfection is elusive. What makes a great photograph is more the eye of the photographer than the mechanics of the camera.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Tulsa Gentleman on this one - sometimes we seniors DO know what we're talking about even if it doesn't always make sense to your age group.
I still don't think Red would have recommended the Canon to you if he knew of something that would suit your needs better.
Be satisfied girl with the 80% greatness - your "eye" more than makes up for the missing 20%. That missing 20% doesn't seem to have put you off men in the past - you've made do and mend quite nicely.

Mater x

Sharon said...

Sage advise dear elders (Lano I added 20 years for you).

TG: Hat's off to your commitment to take 'i-phone only' pici's, less is more.

Mater: Already conferred with the bro who seriosly believes it's me that has issues not the camera!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like big brother talk!
I'm curious, I've double clicked on the picture of the detritus and just exactly what is the pale blue/white/black "thing" hanging up in the tree. It rather looks like a corset to me but I realise it isn't. It took me back to your Granny who used to wear a Spirella corset but they were only ever in pink and had whalebones and plaited ribbon fasteners!!!
When one went to give her a hug, instead of sinking into comforting flesh you hit this solid object that was the corset - memories.

Mater x

Mater x