Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend getaways.

Saturday, I sat at Kanaha for a bit before rigging as I haven’t been sailing in a while. You’d think that would make me all fired up, but in my case crippling uncertainty grows exponentially and harmoniously with the number of dry days on land.

Inside the reef where (this time of year) I feel the safest I share the playground with a few dedicated tricksters. German Michael (as one would expect) is methodical and diligent, sailing everyday 2-3 hours practicing his freestyle and here’s Jay Lee mid........something.

The antidote to my doubt is the tiniest drop of encouragement and as Chico walked by asking why I wasn’t out yet, that was all that was needed to ignite my enthusiasm. It was a 4.0 day with lots of chop, mushy waves at lowers and the weird wave was sporadically showing its frothy head. It was a perfect match to my sailing, choppy, mushy, weird and sporadic, just not dialed in. If GP hadn’t been there to coach me a bit I may well have packed up right there and then. However support won the day and with my new mantra “speed is my friend”, I started to relax and find my inner sailor.

In a bold move, he bought his 81 liter Goya to the beach and had me switch boards. After a few runs I came back to shore to find GP there with Francisco. I’m a low end intermediate sailor who’s used to a flat 86 liter board, so my critique was not exactly technical “Bloody hell” I told them, “it’s like sailing on a sausage”! I’m sure Mr.Goya won’t be plagiarizing that quote while explaining the precise reasoning behind the domed shape of this particular wave board! However, the improvement in my sailing was huge, all of a sudden that elusive gap of sheeting-in far enough finally and effortlessly closed. My god what a lovely rush of euphoria engulfed me when I thought “I’m really sailing” and where oh where did all that doubt go?!

Sunday is fun day for most people and I'm no exception I packed up my toys and headed to Launiopoko to surf.

Fun little waves, clear water, lots of smiles and more than one moment where I was laughing out loud at my own ungainly style.

Not unlike this kid, who's a zen master!

It's all just good clean family fun, where you can work on your tan.....

....or not.

Show off your athletic prowess...

...or not.

And where you're never too old to play like the little kids....

and never too young to play like the big ones.



Anonymous said...

Well, apart from the fact I didn't understand the first half of your entry, the second part more than satisfied this mother's need to see what daughter gets up to on Maui. I am so proud of the way you have inherited my love of words. (I'm taking all the credit for that bit of you - Dad's given you his Paley genes in your body - be grateful).
You look as though you're getting to grips with your Canon - or mayhap you've changed that for another?
I'm stealing the final picture as a painting project.
Mater x

Lano said...

Great post Sharon, sums up Maui beautifully! Laid back, lots of people giving you compliments, sailing in challenging conditions, pro's at your beck and call offering tips and listening to your valued feedback, your own personal coach, small surf for fun times and people not afraid to make fools of themselves (note dude with blow up whale - I am sure he has a large collection of blow up toys)


Sharon said...

Mater: I'm getting there with the's not gone back yet!

Lano: The 'people not afraid to make fools of themselves' is why you buggers felt so at home here!

Phoebe would have loved Launio yesterday, it was full of little'uns splashing around and running free. Lots of grass, BBQ's and small roomy waves.

Ahhh but you're at home with man flu, good time to edit your Maui video?!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to have found your blog spot. It reminds me of me some 10 years ago. I moved to Maui in 99 and lived in Makawao I had been windsurfing for a long time but not in Maui conditions. I was nervous..... but with much time on the water and trying out lots of equipment it all came together... I don't live on Maui anymore. I sometime miss it beyond belief. So take advantage of it as much as possible!!!!!!!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Ah, what a life you live! Sail on, sail on. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

Anon: Glad you stumbled across some positive memories.

TG: As we move well into Fall the exchange rate of a sunny day rises along with my appreciation for them :-)