Thursday, November 13, 2008

Innocent as charged.

I once had a psychic tell me that my fear of losing data stems back to a previous life as a scribe. Ill fortune fell upon me when mead (or what ever swill I was drinking back then) spilled on to the important documents I was working on, ruining them forever and costing me my life!

Crikey it’s no wonder I’m a bit twitchy this lifetime about losing data. Just ask my business partner Nancy, she’s had to endure many a head scratching hour wondering WTF is wrong with me as I’ve paced and lost sleep over a problem that has not yet occurred! So I do what any obsessive person would do, I back up three times a day at work, a forth to a memory stick as I walk out the door and we have an IT God who shows up weekly to check our systems. This overkill is what it takes to sooth my worried brow.

So when the hard drive crashed on my laptop at home this weekend, it was progress indeed for me to only lose my head for half a day to feelings of anxiety and impending doom. Still given that I lost it completely the last time, I’m feeling exonerated from all past wrong doing. Plus for the record it was the cat that knocked the mead, that spilled on the parchment, that ruined the data, that put me in jail, that hung me dead.

I shoulda quilled an extra copy......have you?


Lano said...

The cat has got to go!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully, amusing entry - where do you get all the worry genes from I wonder? Definitely me when I was on the sauce but now I'm in reality I don't have a worry bone in my body and definitely not Tone who was so horizontal he was flat.

If you've been on this earth before as a scribe - what was that "thing" that emerged from my loins all pink, fresh and screaming almost 48 years ago. It just goes to show seeing is not always believing.

Mater x

Anonymous said...

P.S. I agree with Lano and nice to see you still remember your nursery rhymes and adapt them to your own misfortune.

Tulsa Gentleman said...

After an evil spirit struck my computer dead and caused me to lose a pile of irreplacable stuff, I devised a procedure that works for me. I have 2 rather large external hard drives that hold everything I value. One for photographs and documents, the other for my obscenely large iTunes music collection. Now if my computer barfs and dies all my data is undisturbed. Yes I know that there are still scenerios which will result in disaster but I don't want to hear about them.

By the way, thanks for introducing your Mater to my blog. She has been remarkably encouraging. If I had her snail mail address I would send her a real jig saw. She is a sweety (but don't tell her I said so).

Anonymous said...

Oh you flatterer you. But feel free to keep on - I LOVE IT.

Now this is only to please you, I shall pop over to your email and leave you my address. You have been a bit slow on the uptake, but finally you've learned I'll do ANYTHING for a jigsaw :-)

Mater x

Sharon said...

Lano: Puss isn't getting the boot yet!

Mater: I dunno who blessed me with the worry genes. The good new is they're mellowing with age.

TG: Thanks for sharing your own back up system. Why I wasn't as diligent at home (as against work) with backing up is beyond me. However, between my external HD and a brainless brilliant program called Carbonite, I've retrieved 95% of my data. The missing 5% is minor and could have been avoided if I'd paid more attention, trust me I won't make that mistake again!

LOL about the jigsaw, make it a really hard one!