Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks for Thursday off.

It was windy with small surf yesterday for the 4th annual Paia Bay Invitational surf contest. No one cared, as coolers, boards, dogs and chairs headed to the beach for some cheap entertainment. Hat’s off to Ian, Danny, Scotty and the rest of the crew who put their humor and good mana into what has become their Thanksgiving Day ritual.

Everyone loves a pretty girl and Danielle was making the lads especially thankful she showed up to surf yesterday!

I’m sure GP fiddled with the heats to create this exact moment!

Surf a heat, drink a heat, surf a heat, drink a heat (it was in the rules)!

Here’s Scotty coming in for his next round of brewskies. Blimey I think his neck is thicker than my thigh, I’ll whip out my tape measure next time I see him and get back to you on this mind numbing statistic.

And the winning wahine is ............MICHELLE! Sure she flashed her boobs in an excellent attempt to sway the judges, but as they were already half pissed she actually won on skill alone! Her prize was $1,000 of Danny and Scotty money (ie; nothing) and a bottle of marbles, just in case she loses a few of her own. Nice one Cyril!!

Post contest and head down a few beaches, those with big enough boards headed out for a sunset sail.

Where was I when all this activity was going on? Well being the hard core athlete I am, I deftly got sun tan lotion in my eye and it watered excessively for an hour (cue violins) so I left early. Still (being the trooper I am) I prepped myself for the next Turkey event, but thanks to my exhausted eye muscles got a headache, which took me out of all social activity and to bed by 8:30pm sober and pouty!

Luckily it's another beautiful day in paradise so this morning I'm clear eyed, not tired and heading to the beach on a Friday - score!


Tulsa Gentleman said...

I clicked on your last photo to see it larger and discovered the buildings at the far shoreline. Your new camera is awesome. Happy day after Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, older minds think alike BUT I clicked on GP's t-shirt. Is he really part of the medical staff or is that a con to give mouth to mouth on lady surfers?

What a bugger about losing out on playtime on Thursday - I was hoping all the things you do to yourself were keeping the heads at bay. Mind you, suntan lotion in the eye is an unexpected negative.
Where's the medical staff when you need them?

Mater x

Sharon said...

TG:I've now tried the Nikon Coolpix P80, Sony Cybershot D10 (I think!), Canon Powershot SX10is and Fuji Finepixs100 and honestly cannot find 'the one'. Bottom line they're all great cameras but I'm like Goldilocks, this one too flimsey, this one's too heavey, this one frustates me. If only I didn't care!

Mater: Medical staff giving mouth to mouth, lol that's a good one! Made up for Thursday's loss with a fun Friday-it's all good.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I really do have to pick you up on "flimsEy and heavEy". There are times when I wish I hadn't been taught how to spell at school then my knickers wouldn't get so twisted with the errors I see. They jump out and almost give me a thrombie!

Mater x
My verification word is HYDROL - that feels as though it should be
a "proper" word but it isn't - I checked.

Sharon said...

Damn and blast woman you're right! May I suggest you start creating my spelling tests as an ' extra special' Christmas prezzie?! It's never too late to be a good it?

Anonymous said...

You're on - I'll think of a prize if you do well and a punishment if you fail :-)

Mater x

mchumbie said...

I quickly clicked on your blog to check for Crompton/Walger pics and was really happy that Meesh had won $1000, until I realised it was Mickey Mouse money. T'was ever thus! Thanks for picture - one more for the file!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon,

Hope all is well, haven't heard a peep from you on your blog for awhile! You were on a roll there, keep it going girl. Eagerly anticipating the next post!!!



Anonymous said...

Worry not Ely, the girl is coming home for Christmas and is begging, borrowing or stealing warm clothing to wear in the UK!!!

Mater x