Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boots and coats.

I've driven past these boots for a least a month and finally stopped for a snap. It's normally tennies that you see dangling, so boots were a step up (no pun intended)! What intrigued me was how they're tired to the line, I figured you get your buddies fave shoes, you have a beer, then chuck them skyward (multiple times) until they finally land in the desired place. However, this photo reveals a more dastardly plot, tell me if I'm wrong but aren't those boots tied by one lace on the wire?!

Meanwhile, after reading an e-mail from a friend in England which was signed "last but not least, bring me sunshine" this morning I was motivated to go and enjoy that which he was missing.

Now I can't actually say I went 'surfing' as once I paddled out I only caught a few extremely short rides and guess what I DIDN'T CARE! The thought of my impending trip made me more grateful than ever to be in the beautiful blue ocean on Dec 10th with nothing better to do than count my blessings. Coincidentally as I came off the water I ran into a friend who'd just got back from Japan and then another who just returned from Germany and they both were sooooooooo happy to be back on Maui.

Talking of my trip, as I've lived in Hawaii for nearly 20 years I no longer own a coat. This is posing a slight problem as I'm heading to the UK on Sunday and it's farking freezing there! I'm not a midget, but finding someone my size with winter wear is proving tougher than I thought. Still, thanks to Meesh, my toes and hands will be protected, but it's the rest of me I'm worried about!


meesh said...

Shaz, treat yourself to a coat! You can't put a price on warmth and avoiding hypothermia!! :)

Anonymous said...

in some places, shoes stung up like that over telephone/power lines is form a communication to signify a place to buy drugs

Lano said...

Sharon, just spoke to Arlo, he is back in the mother land, soaking up 4 degree days, missing Adelaide like nothing else, trying to convince Anita to get back here asap, buy yourself a coat, some thermals, a beanie and some gloves....I am looking forward to your blogs from UK :)

Sharon said...

Meesh: I will as soon as I get to the mainland where they sell 'um!

Anon: Blimey, no wonder the boots were hung so carefully and they've been there so long business must be good!

Lano: Poor Arlo, he must be in shock given that his sojourn is more permanent than mine.

Been noshing any kanga-burgers lately?

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Button up and stay warm while you visit the Mater-land. She is SO looking forward to your visit.

Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight from the start - you are NOT going out with me dressed like that! I love you to bits but even I have some standards where you're concerned.
I have hats, scarves, socks, sweaters waiting and the first thing we can do is go out and buy you a coat.
Actually, I have so many jobs lined up for you to do whilst I have you in my clutches that (a) you'll be sweating cobs and (b) glad to go back home for a rest,
whilst you leave your dear old Mama in her newly cleaned apartment without a penny to her name cos I anticipate spending quite a lot of money on you and heating bills!!!!!!!
I cannot believe that FIVE people got to this entry before me - I must be slipping.

Mr TG is so right, I'm a very excited Mum at the thought of seeing you NEXT WEEK....... I've even put the Christmas tree up in anticipation of your visit and that hasn't seen the light of day for the past few years!

Mater xxxx