Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pubs and grub.

I’ve been sampling some cracking pubs (and Guinness) lately and in my considerable research have decided it’s the building that is the main stay for the perfect drinking establishment (which probably explains why you can’t find a good one in the US)! There’s just such a cozy feel when you walk into an old house with lots of small rooms, many with fireplaces, brass on the window sills, low beams and a quick witted barman. It's pathetic, I all but swooned at the sight of a pint being pulled and a brass slop tray!

Another reason to step out and have a pint when the weathers crap is the characters. Talking of which, here’s my cousin Sue who even got Christmas cards at both her locals 'The Star and Garter' and 'The Harewood Arms'. Lush!

John Smiths 'Pure silk in a glass', "well that's bollocksy marketing" I thought, just for the record........I was wrong!

To soak up all the pints one needs some good food and 'beans on toast' are the perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner (of champions). Who says the food in the UK is naff?!

Talking of food, there are some great names for nosh over here, any one for some Toad in the Hole? For example I just got back from the pub (again) and if I'd have asked "what's for pud?" there's a high probability Id have got the answer "well -we've a lovely spotted dick"! Yes-yes-yes it's juvenile and that's what makes me laugh every time.

Coal buckets, wellies and brollys........what a welcome.


meesh said...

The Bubble n' squeak i had was delish the other night over at Sids. Who knew that was a dish? .... Call myself "British"! Thanks for the virtual visit to the pub, lovley!!

mchumbie said...

There must be identical pubs all over England. I could swear the first picture was taken at Tockholes near Bolton!
Meesh, sadly I never cooked bubble and squeak, so your education has been sadly neglected!

Sharon said...

Meesh: You can be proud of your warm garments-they haven't lost their touch! Fandabbydozy B&S at Sid's aka "The Hopp Inn"?!

Mchumbie: Let's hope Tockholes is thriving as the smoking ban has certainly quietened things down. Still, it's delight to come home not smelling like a Dunhill!