Thursday, December 25, 2008

Out and about.

It's not exactly Haleakala, but here's a lovely sunrise from my room with a view at #5!

Christmas Eve found me and Mum having lunch on the lake at Roundhay Park. Mr.Whippy was in the parking lot and I was a bit miffed to find a ‘coffee’ sign in the window of and ice cream van and had to investigate.

Blimey, I thought, these two big lads must be stealing the profits ("or at the Tetleys" my Mum said) “What’s with the coffee” I asked trying to equalize one of my childhood memories with the updated reality. The lads laughed and looked at me like I was gormless “No one wants ice cream in winter luv, coffee pays fut bills"...."and lord knows you must have them  with an ice cream van that's a Mercedes” I said walking off laughing.

Roundhay Park holds fond memories of helter-skelter slides, the fair and sledging in winter on Hill 99, all big fun for a little kid. I went for a run there before Christmas lunch to enjoy the gardens, lakes and trees, it has a magical way of rejuvenating me even in Winter as a grown up.

Today (Boxing Day) found all things bright and beautiful with the sun shining. Grabbing my shades Mum and I went for a tootle out in the car and found ourselves in Skipton. The Leeds-Liverpool Canal runs through here and we stopped to look at the swans and ducks. Don't be fooled by the sun's gentle glow delicately caressing my face, it was 'kin freezing!

Swan Lake it's not......but it's lovely to my eyes non the less.

And finally, he really is a Tulsa Gentleman! One of my loyal fans Bill Miller sent a lovely and thoughtful gift to Mater and we had fun putting him and his granddaughters back together in his jigsaw puzzle present. Many thanks and festive felicitations to you and your family this holiday season.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

It seemed the perfect Christmas gift for a lady who likes jigsaws, and it fit in an envelope. Here is wishing you both a Happy New Year and many more reunions in the future.

cammar said...

Nice coat!

Anonymous said...

Cheeky GP, that's a sweater I'm wearing not a coat. Oh damn, my error - once again you're talking about Sharon in her borrowed finery.

I guess the island of Maui is a very quiet place without the two of you - Lord help it on your return on 1 January 2009.

Mater x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon
Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to you and your Mater.
Lim =)

Garden Geezer said...

How Brill
Now i know what leeds Lass looks like. Hello Lass. Its funny isn't it Hodgepodge how going home can make you so very happy 'cos things haven't changed and yet also so sad at the things that have. Like you said in one of your other posts "you have to be an ex-pat to appreciate some things"
I went back for a visit Christmas of 98 and probably had a lot of the same feelings you had at the changes(we are almost the same age).
I would have been quite as shocked and amused as you were at a Mercedes Ice Cream van and selling Coffee too!!!!

All the best to you,