Sunday, November 16, 2008

What age do you act?

There was a lot of imagination at play yesterday as I watched these three little girls entertain themselves.

Their favorite topics seemed to be fish and models, as they vacillated between posing for Vogue on the reef and diving porpoise like into the water. They stuck stones in their bikini tops giggling uncontrollably and maturing pebble by pebble, until it all became too much. Then they threw away the offending rocks instantly reverting back in years, swimming off effortlessly and back to their own age group.

Portrait of a young man searching for breast enhancing rocks (dude behind you)!

Of course it's all fun and games until someone gets an urchin in their foot.

It bugs me when I see 4 and 5 year olds tramping around as 'mini me' versions of their mothers, hand bags, heals and halter tops included. It sucks that people actually buy this garbage which blurs the line between adult and child. I can almost stomach it in teenagers but WTF, kids need to be kids. I was in Indo about 5 years ago and it was so refreshing to see and feel the energetic age appropriateness of all youngsters. God, can some one put my teeth in, grab my senior buss pass and tell me where the hell I left my cardie?

Ok having said all that once you reach a certain age, for god's sake don't act it!

That's more like it...but no crying like a girl when you get the urchin in your foot (there's no pleasing me)!


Robin said...

Nice one! Hey do I get the topspot again?? ;-)

Actually had good chats about this exact topic, yesterday with some friends. Interesting material and food for thought!

Happily enough I got to stay a kid for a long time. Seeing (some) kids these days makes me sad. But hey, must be the ´benefits´ of our modern society.

On a different note, been listening to this lately, you may know it as sheĊ› been out there for a while.

Hope all is well, have a splendid Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy top spot whilst you can Robin - the pleasure will not last long.

How I agree with you about the mini-mes of this world. It's not the kids fault, it's usually Mum who doesn't know how to say "no".
Lovely mixture of pictures and, once more, I have to congratulate you Daughter Dear on your use of narative. Do you remember you were top of the class on your write-up of (I think) Israel? You had vocabulary ability even at a young age. The spelling ability remains about the same, not much improvement with age :-)

Mater x
What a lovely verification word
LUSHIPRO and what images that word conjures up........... Bet GP knows quite a few ladies to whom that word could apply.

Sharon said...

Robin: Thanks for the link, super nice music. My first thought was 'it's Nana Mouskouri's granddaughter'!

LUSHIPRO: Mater that was you back in the day!

Anonymous said...

Touche Daughter Dear. I was thinking of ladies of the night rather than old lushes like what I used to be. So yes, you're absolutely right, it could apply to me as well. As it's my birthday today I'm slowly creeping to the ENDRER my life - that's a good verification word as well.
Interestingly, yours are usually boring non-words but just lately, with a little imagination, I've been able to think of meanings for the verifications or perhaps it's just a case of litte things amuse aging minds?

Mater x

M Chumbie said...

Hi Sharon, have started to check your blog for Maui news as Chelle seems to have given up on hers! Re photos - I did save the one of M gazing at the ocean but unable to go in with her bad knee. The one where she needed to spend a penny!

Sharon said...

M Chumbie:I shall try and get some more incriminating pici's now Michelle has abandoned her blog! BTW, she's fit as a fiddle!

Garden Geezer said...

Love reading your blog. This entry was/is particularly funny.
Oh,by the way the last comment I added.....the word verification was ...mater.. what laugh!
You are probably only as hard to please as I am when it comes to that age appropriate stuff. We, unfortunately, grew up in that fuzzy grey era in England where stodginess was fighting its final battles and the new liberality was making headway. We are the inbetweenies lol.
E for B and be your best,