Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Oly had sent me an e-mail a few days before we left which read “Forecast looks a bit violent at the moment so we will have to see what its like....” Day two saw this prediction come into full fruition as (pre-breakfast) we picked up beers that had been chilling outside, but now lay wind whipped and strewn down the driveway!

The boys optomistically set about putting footstraps on boards but the weather turned bleaker with every turn on the screwdriver. Meanwhile, as it became apparent living room bay window was the place to be, Renata observed "we need some windscreen wipers"and without further ado, became them!

There.....much better. As we all optimistically awaited the weather to clear, there was no need to de-pajama or go anywhere except baggy the best seats in the house. Renata read a German mag, Giampaolo an Italian book.....

....and Oly found "a bit of a crowd pleaser"!

Yet fear not faithful readers, because not only did the sun shine, but the swell pumped and the wind evened out enough for the boys to have a fun afternoon windsurf session.

The decent weather brought everyman and his dog out.

And a small German fraulein with a desire to do headstands.

Better bring in the sheep to manicure this lawn.

Here's some they prepared earlier.

With the unexpected success of the day there was only one way to celebrate, jackets on and beers in, cheers!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


The rain lashed against our faces & the wind bit at our finger tips as the absurdity of a surf trip to Ireland sank in rapidly. We were five in total, knowing each other from Maui, but all conveening from various parts of Europe to vacation in Kerry. It was maddness personified and the pre-trip promise of comedy value began to quickly wane, as we threw the boards on top of the cars. I for one was sure I'd never-ever-ever going to need them.

And yet, the morning broke with sunshine, surf and undisputable truth that 'Sharon would go'

Wetsuit, anorak, scarf & hat.....I'm ready!

Oh wait, I forgot my gloves.

Goofy long boarder on the left is me :-)

Despite what you may think I had a blast and in my shrink wrap casing, was snug as a bug in a rug. However, as my prone surfing isn't the best in peak conditions, it became quickly apparent that I was sadly out of shape.

Still, happy and pleased with myself I left the others surfing and embarked on removing my wet suit. I might well have been oxygen starved and half way up Everest for the amount of effort that every little movement took. Come to find out, the best technique is to drive home and remove it in the hot shower!

I moooooooned this lot whilst de-neopreneing.

So did these guys as I saw my fare share of tightly clenched white bums this trip, the byproduct of wet skin exposed in crispy air.

It's not called the Emerald Isle for nothing and the grass is norished by all the moisture that helps manufacture some of the greenest cholorphil I've ever seen.

And the best Guinness, in the best pub 'James Ashe' you've ever tasted.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Look North.

On my annual returns to the UK, my Mum likes to create as highly condensed a version of Englishness as possible. I think even she'd agree that she out did herself as we stumbled upon this particular vision.

Is he though...really?

An Englishman's home....

Classic sticker spotted on a naff van.

This trip I had a few incredible moments of knucklheadedness. The cost of forgetting my MAC power cord was $95 and a lot of time up and down the Motorway looking for it! The upside was having my bro as the chauffeur and as a consolation prize for all the running around, we took ourselves to York and had a walk on the old Roman walls.

"Do you want a cup of tea or anything" he said as our afternoon neared its end. "No thanks" I replied, "but do you fancy a swift half ?".....silly question really and like naughty school kids skiving off, we popped in the nearest Public House and splurged on two halves & bag of crisps. We know how to live.

It pleases me greatly that the sheep in the Dales roam about willy nilly like they own the place.

The gray weather sandwich contained a delicious filling of a few sunny days. The true Brits sat out as if enjoying a summer day, while I trogged about wrapped up against the weak October sun.

It's nice to go home but I crave new adventures, so for part two of my trip I planned to meet friends in Ireland. The cost of realizing that I'd booked my flight from Leeds to Dublin for the wrong departure date (6:00pm the night before leaving) was $450, for a ticket that originally cost $66... some lesssons are more expensive than others! The value of my Mum solving the problem and my heartfelt gratitude for her help was (as they say) priceless.