Friday, July 07, 2006

Morning routine.

It’s an unusual day when I don’t wake up with a song in my head. This morning it was Diana Ross & the Supremes “Baby I need your loving-got-to have all your lovin”.

Skip to the shower scene. Me-belting it out at the top of my voice-definitely sounding the best I ever have-hitting the high notes perfectly 1-2-3-4 ‘Baby I need your lovin’-got to have all you’re lovin (repeat as I’ve inexplicably come in at the chorus) Baby I need your lovin’-got to have all you’re lovin' ooooooo ooooooo oooooo” my shower has fantastic acoustics and some how naked under the water I always sound absolutely fabulous!

Post shower, the song lingered until my internal juke box skipped to UB40“Breakfast in bed-do-be-do-kisses for me-dobedo-la-dah-dah-sei la vi”

Where the hell do these selections come from?


cammar said...

that's too easy... your I-pod!

mater70 said...

Don't be rotten GP - my daughter simply has an over-active brain.

cammar said...

Yes Ma-am, sure.
How's the weather in Leeds?

mater70 said...

Hot, hot, hot - most unusual.
How's the knee? Advice: don't kneel too long on it !!!

I know the result of the WC......