Monday, July 17, 2006


Just 5 minutes down the road and in complete and utter contrast to the post below, history was in the making with the maiden voyage of the “catama-kayak”.

You can do anything with a nail gun and an overactive imagination! Between them, Simon, Tony, Ian & Danny downed a few beers and committed to their voyage. This bastard (I mean the Puamana Princess) weighed a ton and as they waded in, bets were still being taken on the beach…..

With little & large at the became apparent (that while successful) a bailer on Simon’s side was overlooked in the design process!

Head high is a relative term.....

Prototype #2.....what the fuck....just shove another kayak in the middle, that oughta do it, and it did!
Cheap entertainment at it's best....

The sea of tranquility.


mich said...

just another bloody good day at the beach!

mater70 said...

Did you ssay these guys were English? The Dunkirk spirit to the fore.

Tally ho


Sharon said...

Exactly-except I'm not sure the French served Newcy-Browns, as was the case with this assault!

Anonymous said...

is hat "big" dude with the fishing pole the new danny???