Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sticker shock!

Creativity comes in all shapes & sizes, I have no doubt this one is a work in progress. Click on the pici for a better look.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Thompson Road.

As we walked along Thompson Road Cheyenne said "ya know, I should just buy land where Oprah does, it would cut out all the work"! A collective sigh of relief was heard by everyone who loves the precious parts of Maui knowing Ms.Winfrey would not pave her piece of paradise.

After our walk, we sipped lemonade at Grandma's and listened to some wonderful guitar playing. I like my simple life.

Return of...The lazy Sunday Afternoon.

Having just returned from England, France and S.Carolina(!), our lovely chums soak up the sun and have a proper Maui afternoon at Puamana. Love these 'kin people (myself included)!
While Ulli overshares......I try to maintain my composure!
Oh........the fish......!
Michelle's ingenious way to cool down her beer has one minor flaw.....


Sunday, May 28, 2006

That's 'Mr.Taroburger ' to you.

Martin hosted a fun soiree at his new shack on Baldwin Avenue. It was sweet revenge as we've all been giving him shit for taking so long to build the property and now we know why, it is stunning (not unlike our host)!

Ollie's one eyed expession of minor alarm (proper job that) gives nothing away as to the antics of Giampy & April....or does it?!


I’m always an instant fan of who ever owns a ‘normal’ body and is out on the water having fun.
A standing ovation to gramps who was ripping at Launio!

The dismount.

OK-this is the sentence I wanted to start with”theres always a moment when I cut my feet on the reef that I wonder how bad is it?” But that sounds so pompous, like I’m out in some kind of radical watery situation narrowly escaping a trip to the ER, due to my death defying extra curricular weekend activities!

So I thought how about “I was sitting on my surf board yesterday conjugating Italian verbs” But that promotes the belief that I’m somehow bi-lingual and simply amusing myself with the Italian language between sets (as one does)!

Actually, while surfing at Launiopoko yesterday (amongst other pearls of wisdom) I had both of the above thoughts. My lesson for the day seemed to be “the dismount”. I kept on winding up close to the rocks with quite a bit of energy still behind me. Given that I’m crap at steering the board and fueled by a little panic, a nice belly flop into the white water consistently seemed my only exit option. That’s my ‘radical watery situation’ and in my own goofy & distinctly unladylike way, getting back on the board I committed a beginner’s blunder and put my foot down.

I wasn’t thinking in Italian then, but if I had verbs would not have been the first words out of my mouth, vafanculo would!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another fetish.

Thankfully graffiti is not a huge part of the culture on Maui. However, defacing road signs seems to be quite a hobby, especially with a surfboard....which let's face is actually an improvement! As with anything unlawful, I seem to belong to the school of 'if it's funny, why not"? These few offerings amuse me, the last one is a clever Costa Rican gem and the yield sign is for GP!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Heavenly Hana

Spirit pulls me every 4 or 5 months to go to Hana. It’s simply not possible for me to go there and not be rejuvenated. The supreme magnificence of the place visually and energetically recharges me in a way that no other place can. There's a bumper sticker that reads "Thank God for Hana", I do and I don't even believe in him!

Of course traveling with the Itai always brings an additional element of comedy that adds to the whole experience……

This is Hanamanu and my first gift was to ride my bike from here toward Hana while Giampaolo caught a late surf session.

No… that’s not him, though this dude was part of his inspiration to go out.

Meanwhile back on my bike, what a treat to feel all that power & energy from the aina . Riding next to the edge of the rain forest the amount of life force coming from the vast periphery is palpable. The pre-arranged plan was for Giampaolo to pick me up along the way before dark. However, he was outdone by a gust of wind that blew the truck door shut, with him on the outside and the keys locked inside! A reverse Houdini maneuver performed by a couple of surfers got him back on the road again. My second gift was to be picked up by Giampaolo right before dark. Good job, as my poorly thought out ‘plan b's’ were all a bit pathetic!

I seemed to be particularly obsessed with leaves this trip. You never know what your days (and nights) in Hana are going to bring. For sure they're always filled with great food, surprises, exercise, appreciation, naps, music and magic that flow on a gentle cruise control.

Blue, green, white and black are the dominant colors there and I notice my eyes relax from not being over stimulated. Check out the beauty of Nihiku.

Once a hunter & gatherer.......

While I don’t have a four legged of my own, I’m always happy to be in their company. These two puppers were eating the fallen avocados using their paws like hands and ending up with guacamole on their doggy lips. Fantastic.....

The dogs weren't the only ones having fun with the avo's. Secret training....

Unfortunately, while playing Tennis and performing his signature volleyball ‘jump serve’ our fearless athlete was pulled to the ground by an old war wound. Bugger, just when I was starting to win...coincidence? That snuffed out Sundays plans but we'd had a grand few days in Hana enjoying the R&R. I was happy I went and happy to be home. Perfection.

Here we are...they don't have year books in Europe, but if they did I feel sure we'd have been voted the two people leaset likely to become best friends!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Small swimming foul.

That's what the dictionary calls my two lovely friends here. I just can't help snapping them-they're so darn photogentic.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Earning an honest crust.

Busy doing nothing working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do....

Spot the imposter as there are only 3 of us who work in the office!
Anyway you are looking at our school uniform. At some point during the day we all slip into our Uggs. It's kinda like our version of rolling up your sleeves-but sexier!

Monday, May 15, 2006

For great tide pooling.......

Step1: Know the low tide!

Then go past the big handsome yellow flower/fruit/blossom thing,
Then down the cozy, symmetrically pleaseing narrow little path and

voila` you're there. Home of the yet to be photographed, seadick...oh I can hear your minds boggling at the prospect!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Water....big baby.

I learned to swim at 39, paddled a 6 man canoe at 40, bought my first surfboard at 43 and now at 45, am remembering the joys and frustrations of windsurfing. That makes me 6 in water years and is my excuse for periodic (ok excessive) whimpering and scaredy cat behavior.

I have delusions of grandeur from looking at too many surf magazines...... They don’t seem to show the learning curve of a non-water chick who grew up in the industrial north of England tackling the art of surfing-I cant' imagine why?! I want to bust a move for an aqua-life in my middle years, but with my own fears leading the charge for mutiny, a double page spread in 'Surfer' doesn’t appear to be in my future.

Still, I’m lucky to have friends who despite, (or perhaps because of) my being such an easy target keep encouraging me back into their watery element. And while I’m crap at all of the afore mentioned sports, the thrill I get & triumph I feel from playing in the shallow end of the ocean is deeply rewarding.

While I’m not exactly a tough girl on the open seas, I am pushing my own envelope with each dip in the briny. My desire to play is strong, yet the rebellious mutineers keep showing up. Those little basatrds better shape up or ship out- via the plank……

Oh yes and I’m thinking of buying an OC1, have I gone totally mad?

One small step for man...

I like this pici because the limpits look like stars and the rock like the lunar surface. It's good to have a childlike (more like childish I hear you cry!) imagination.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Separate and aside.....

A man who I met recently died this week-his name was Bob & I can't seem to stop crying. He was 77 and his energy felt as young as mine. After work I went out to a remote part of Maui to be alone and think of Bob. I wrote his name in white coral on the black rocks-an impermanent marker...a reminder that we are all just visiting.

I decided that instead of being sad I'd be extremely grateful I met him and his wife (who he loved a adored) Hannah. It also seems important to mention that he died whilst windsurfing.....fucking brilliant.

Mirror-Mirror on the wall...

Who has the fairest stapler of them all?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

If I were a bottle opener, where would I be?

Necessity...the mother of invention.

Frickin' classic. Russell-nothing but respect! Giampaolo (being the engineer that he is) had one minor suggestion. He reflected that if you were having a tailgate party the 'thing' wouldn't be easily accessible. He recommends relocation to the outside left of the bumper.....

Monday, May 08, 2006

Hat trick.

These brave, athletic, creative, strong, outrageous, witty, bold, kind, intelligent and stunning goddesses are the women of my book club. Now in our 6th year we've been through many a journey together both personally and with the books we've read.

Oh....the hats? Gotta be in the club to find out....

Sunday, May 07, 2006


You have to love living in a place that paints the trash cans according to the mood. I went to see Soljahs of Jah Army yesterday (thanks Gemma for turning me onto them) and it was a classic Maui afternoon. Lying on the beach having a beer & watching the clouds, creatures, water and peeps entertain. The red, yellow, & green rocked-catch them if you can (no pun intended).

Oh yes, and while we're on the subject of cans, I lost the word 'rubbish' a while ago. It was replaced by the less eloquent 'trash'. I lament the demise of my native lingo; it appears to be part of my evolution from living in a different country from whence I came. Fuk-dat.

And finally, talking of cans & evoloution, it made me think of this pici from Costa Rica last year.....

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Pau hana.

Friday after work, I went down to the ocean to see if if was calm enough to paddle on my surfboard for a while. I wimped out as it was starting to drizzle and the wind was picking up....shoulda gone out as plan B was getting my butt kicked in pool!