Monday, November 05, 2007

Any ideas?

Indulge me if you will as I’m generally not a moaner and groaner; however I think a good rant might be quite cathartic, so here goes.

In an effort to find the magic cure for migraines I have undergone the following over the last few years.

Acupuncture (on going)
Allergy tests (mild aversion to coconut)
Blood work (lots of it)
Cholesterol checked (all good)
Cranial sacral therapy (on going)
CT scan (as an aside that they didn’t find a reason for the headaches but they did find a 50% blocked left carotid artery and I was recommended to go to Stanford for a cranial angiogram!) Happy to report Stanford tuned me down J
Diet changes (sugar, alcohol and caffeine are no longer my good friends)
Daily beta blockers for 18 months (suffocated my personality under a blanket of medicine)
Ear nose & throat examined (clean as a whistle)
Exercise and no exercise (given up biking and surfing due to doctors orders)
Eye tests (love my specs)
Hormones checked (no menopause yet…..!)
Ibuprophen (rare I go a day without it)
Massage (on going)
Medical Psychic (Not getting enough protein, especially for animals)
Naturopath (Stay away from protein, especially animals)
Physical therapy (on going)
Relpax as needed (easily a packet a month)
Rolfing (on going and it hurts!)
Supplements (on going)
Teeth examined for leaking mercury (despite UK doorstop sized fillings all good)
And finally, had 25 friends stand in a circle and chant three times ‘no more headaches’ and still at this stage I am the recipient of at least two low end migraines a week and numerous other ‘ordinary headaches’. Wotdafuck is up with that?

Can I just have a moment and shout at the top of my lungs “ I’m sick to fucking death of this bullshit and want my good health back” It’s completely dumfounding to my logical brain that after this much expertise, money, time and effort I have not found the frickin’ cure that will keep this beast permanently at bay.

You have no idea how much this low end Chinese torture can mess with the mind and more importantly my social plans! Allow me a little exaggeration here, but it feels like I have been either going into or coming out of a headache for the last 3-4 years and let me tell you, it’s a big fucking drag.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, wow if feels really good to get mad, I almost don’t want to spoil it by letting you know the blessings and blessing in disguise due to this temporary monkey on my back! But I simply won’t let ‘mad’ have the upper hand so here goes;

A true sense of love from my friends and family as they don’t glaze over with boredom at the repetition of my same old story (or if they do they disguise it well)!

A clean bill of health in all other departments as everything but my colon has been looked at. (yes, yes, yes I know a colonic is on the to-do list).

A rolodex full of information that I can pass onto others regarding what has worked and not worked for me.

A team of wonderful practitioners and healers that due to knowing me well from the headaches were able to easily shift gears and assist invaluably with all aspects of my surgery.

An overall improvement in my diet and health consciousness.

Significant progress was made for about 5 months, so even though I have temporarily slipped back, I know that if I keep taking the highroad to wellness it will be my reality.

I feel compelled to state I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m looking for solutions, so if you have any thoughts, ideas or crazy treatments that I haven’t listed, give me shout. As the saying goes, 'if nothing else is available clutch at straws'. So let me state for the record, while I know Botox is an option that’s another treatment along with the colonic that I’m not pushing to be first in line for!


Anonymous said...

Oh my poor sweet Sharon, I knew the heads were bad but you've really given me an eye-opener to their sheer bloodiness. Let's hope someone out there has a clue for you. Beautifully written and illustrated post as always.

I reiterate my daughter's plea for help - anyone, anywhere any ideas?

Mater x

chris said...

Hi Sharon,

what a bloody long list of therapies, I don’t even know all the listed therapies and I am not doctor, but I believe a headache results out of physical and psychological disorders. You live in Maui, thus a healthy climate that should be counterproductive to your migraine.

I don’t know about your job and after job life, these could be factors, that keep you mentally unrelaxed thus causing headaches. I do doubt that quitting sport is productive, sport activity in fresh air is keeping people mentally chilling. It favours the circulation and quality of blood in your organs.

The diet seems much more convincing than medicaments full of chemicals. To me it was kind of difficult to quit the use of sugar, in tea for example, but you can use rice syrup for a relaxing sweet tea, caffeine and alcohol in moderation in my diet believe does not harm physical and psychological health. I would avoid consuming red meat, eggs and diary products and food where a lot of chemicals f.e. for colour and taste is added. Prefer whole grain products like brown rice, pasta, and bread. Natural substance contained in nuts and beans, organic fruits and vegetables are doing a good job in the brain, too (kicking headaches ass!). Maybe your body is that much in need of substances that the food industry is polishing away from the grain, that the reaction is the headache.

Well, last but not least I would like to bring in the following: I do suffer from being hardly unable to really relax, no wonder in a world full of stress, noise, pollution, negativism, questionable future and loads of different affections bombing you physically and mentally every day. The only thing calming and positivism giving to me is cannabis. To me this is not about the pot head cliché, being high or stoned, it is just about a natural calming effect on your mental condition. I use low doses, some puffs of a low dosed spliff and a lot of pains (headache, toothache, etc) disappear. If you do not smoke, use a tea or cookies, begin with low doses.

Ok, so far with as commonly seen mad treatments (it’s just ignorance and politic, Bayer would hate my recommendation…), but I do belief in the medical use, out of positive experience. And that human’s medically used cannabis till some suckers did forbid it.

Afraid it won’t help you, but I wish you less headache polluted times.


Sharon said...

Mums: Thanks for the understanding and good vibes-have faith, this too shall pass.

‘kin brilliant suggestion, medical marijuana! Actually along your same thought patterns I did try a little‘inhaling relaxation’. Perhaps it was the American Spirit it was mixed with, but it never worked.

Talking of which, I’ve even cut back to a four day work week thinking it may be ergonomically related to the job……..LOVING the time off, but still the headache sits like an unwanted appendage over my right eye.

I’m definitely beginning to feel the stirrings of rebellion. Wotdafuk, if I’m gonna have a headache I might as well take it with me while I bike & surf instead of standing on the side lines with my bottom lip out.

Anonymous said...

Chiropractic for relief, kundalini yoga for prevention.

cammar said...

did you take those first two photos?
very expressive!

Anonymous said...

Hi GP: I so totally agree with you about the photographs but as a Mum, they "kill me" and get me just there and I'm sure you know where "just there" is.

I do hope this gets you some much-needed help Sharon. Selfishly, it's terribly hard for me to look at and not come rushing over with the grapes and wine :-) Probably the worst sort of love under the circumstances?
Mater x

Nancy said...

It is your job....too many bitchy timeshare owners, you worry too much about the biz...I should do you a favor and buy you out!

cheyenne's assistant said...

as cheyenne's assistant I have been ordered to stock your fridge with protein and meat.... !

Sharon said...

GP:Another took the picis and despite how they look, Ma (rest easy) I'm cracking up laughing in both of them.

Anon: Forgot to add Chiropractic to the list, it didn’t work. As for, kundalini yoga………hmmmmm good idea,I’m sure my chakras could use a tune up.

Nance: Maybe we can play pretend buy out, you give me a bunch of monopoly money and I fake not working. Then if I still have headaches I’ll still have a job and you won’t be poor!

Hey there Cheyennes assistant; I’ll take two sausage rolls, some shepherds pie some roast beef & a nice fish pie. That oughta do it!

Jure said...

Hi there!

You might try Theta healing or Matrix Energetic. It did wonders for me.

Here you can find practitioners.

Also you can see what was on FOX news about it:

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...