Monday, November 12, 2007


I’ve mentioned before that (for the most part) I’m a rule follower.

Do not feed the birds.
Start line here.
Please take a number.
Do not tread on the grass.
8 items or less.
Please do not disturb.
Turn left on green arrow only.
Plastic only please.
Five garments only in changing room.
Do not feed the animals.

So why oh why would I see this sign and ignore it’s warning? I’ll tell you why….because it provided rock star parking and I figured as I always follow the rules; this one wouldn’t apply to me!

Wrong! A coconut fell on the roof of my truck, cracked the clear coat and whilst it looked like an innocent dent for a while, fast forward 3 years and hey presto - one ruined paint job! Happily my truck is functional and not precious so I don’t care, but every time I drive past Paia Bay I sneak a peak at that sign and am reminded that ‘Instant karmas gonna get you, Gonna knock you right on the head you better get yourself together Pretty soon you’re gonna be dead’ Thanks for the reminder John……..I got it!

'How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours'. Wayne Dyer


meesh said...

another great post. Love the closing line. Definately worth remembering this one!

Anonymous said...

Before, a conformist. Now, a rule follower. Really. What's in hiding, behind these labels?

Interesting, and tempting, this notion that karma can be parceled out, divided, allocated, adjudicated even...

Another best-selling writer and amateur philosopher, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, wrote (or implied), in The Brothers Karamazov, that every person shares responsibility for the actions (and sins) of all others; that this is the very meaning of love. And so, after declining his temptations, Dostoyevsky's Christ kisses Satan, on the lips. A lover's kiss.


Sharon said...

Hey Meesh: What was that other good phrase we said was worth remembering-I already forgot! Oh-oh-oh I just remembered ‘don’t be bummed out at your good fortune’!

Anon: I honestly only know a few people who really live a life of intent to always dissolve bad and create good karma for all beings. I think the rest of us use it as a cheap throw away statement to validate action or non action that we’re slightly uncomfortable with.

As for Dostoyefsky & his existentialism, bloody hell I’ve always considered that a bit over my head. However thanks to your review I’m thinking ‘The brothers Karamazov’ would be perfect 800 page summer read for book club!

Anonymous said...

Definitely need to "Turn left on green arrow only" but.. of all the other rules you chose to disobey, you chose the coconuts!

Its funny !!! (sorry, gal) Maybe Mr Murphy was with you then..