Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Walk about.

Remember when your goldfish wasn’t feeling well and he’d float to the surface desperately gulping for air? Well my desire to breathe wasn’t that dramatic, but today I did feel that same sort of ‘want’ for greenery. So after a quick trip to the Haight I legged it to Golden Gate Park and dove right into the deep end and entered the Conservatory of Flowers.

Nothing like a bit of home to make you feel at home, all those bromeliads, orchids, ferns, bananas, hibiscus, anthuriums, etc most of which seem to grow in my garden! Though I confess for the smell the water lilies I have to jump in my truck and drive to my chum Martins house.

I grew up walking; to school, the shops, my friend’s houses and if it was too far to walk I just took the bus. Consequently, I have moments on Maui of ‘car dependent frustration’ and am always happy to find myself in a walking city. Hence, in the bliss of the park I just started strolling, relishing the smell of eucalyptus and taking in the pleasure of being off the cities 'eat-shop-work' hamster wheel.

It was a clear, cloudless, warm autumn day and I needed a beach, so a few hours later my stroll had become a hike and I found myself at the ocean. It’s not exactly a crop circle, but I like it! I was starving so went to the new and improved Cliff House and tucked into a bowl of squash soup and Ahi sashimi fortifying myself and contently watching the surfers and seagulls which (I swear to God) are the size of small dogs.

4pm; what a bloody lovely day, as I stepped back outside it was a bit nippy (those surfers are mental catching that slop) so I donned scarf and gloves and said to hell with the bus and walking, TAXI!


Anonymous said...

Memories, memories - wonderful memories of SF. Did you see any seals when you had lunch at Cliff House?

Love the picture of the waterlily - perfect for painting :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Hope the fingers have healed.

Mater xx

Anonymous said...

The 2nd photo is BRILLIANT !! It has such a calming effect on me just looking at it!!! How was the photo taken? Did you have to get in the water for this shot? Or do you have a highly specialized camera?

Sharon said...

Lim: i just used my usual Sony cybershot camera with the macro turned on. There was a bench by the pond and I just placed the camera on it to avoid any old lady shaking!

Mater: No seals at the Cliff House but it was a clear day and there was no shortage of cheap entertainment.