Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving every day.

It’s great to be a tourist in a place you are familiar with as there isn’t the urgency to run around and see the sites. Such was the case Thanksgiving day when I thought “I'll take the trolly to the end of the line and see what happens”. What happened was my feet started protesting at the thought of walking from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Marina, at the exact same time I passed a bicycle rental shop!

Perfection. Another stunning clear blue day, a saddle to sit on and I was a happy camper peddling toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Since I was here last they’ve opened up a whole new pathway that leads to the base of the first tower. And shock of shocks, there’s a decent wave there! Plus, not much of a line up giving plenty of room on the wave (just gotta watch out for that one big bastard submerged rock) and some decent sets. True, the entry/exits and the water quality/temperature leave a little to be desired but other than that, Michelle would have been in like Flynn! Naturally an audience gathers and on a couple of waves I heard ‘oooooooooo’ and then a polite round of applause. Classic.

Dinner at the Demasi household is always an event. Jules pulled out all the nosh stops and for most of us around the table there was a warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia from the memories of dinners past.

However, with nearly all the ‘kids’ now in their early twenties there was more of a club element between courses than normal! Luckily the furniture held out and the only victim was a Royal Dolton plate!

As I was leaving the poker table was just being set up as priorities shifted from eating to dancing to gambling. I could barley get hugs goodbye from those embroiled in liars dice and could not lie myself, bed was now my better offer.

PS: I love this photo of Bournemouth meets LA, Sylvie and Sean doing their own generation game sofa dance.

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