Thursday, June 05, 2008

Non-post traumatic stress syndrome!


Lano said...

Have you got a sore tooth?
Troden on some coral?
Upset with yourself that you didnt nail that flacka in front of the new hunky lifeguard?
Trying to pass wind?

Which one is it?

Sharon said...

Lano you silly sausage- my sardonic wit is clearly lost on you! Twas merely mucking about with a little word play coz I’d not posted anything new for eight whole days.

And I thought it was only the yanks who didn’t do irony!

Hey-happy belated birthday mate :-)

Anonymous said...

That's the face you used to pull before having a very self-satisfied burp post feeding and back rubbing - memories, memories.

I'm so ignorant, is the picture supposed to do something? I tried clicking on and all it did was shoot up to the top left of my screen. Help.

A little Calpol might ease the discomfort by the way.

Mater x
P.S. I know what the face is about - all that money to be spent on carpeting your home.

Leopold Ritter said...

Suffer, you little hamster, suffer - for our pleasure.

Anonymous said...

My God, you've got a weird stalker Sharon. Beware of people called Leopold.

mater x

Sharon said...

Well as Mr.Ritters name is an anagram for 'Retied Trollop' we'll just leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

That gives me an even knottier anxiety. BUT, you're a big girl and I know you can fend off intruders if you feel the need.