Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie night.

The view from the bathroom...... the best cinema in the Pacific, as this last week we were the lucky recipients of the Maui Film Festival.

It’s a simple concept. Sit outside under the stars in your own beach chair or otherwise appropriate seating and enjoy some incredible movies on a giant screen, with the best sound system Dolby can create, all fueled by the sun. Sprinkle in some live music, short films and killer parties and this is the Maui Film Festival 2008.

Of course the riff raff always seem to find their way in..... open wide kiddies!

and action.......'into the great wide open, under the skies of blue, out in the great wide open, a rebel without a clue'. After some wonderful live music from Makana, a great big group howl at the full moon and the movies were underway. I'm trying to convey the vibe, but (at the risk of rubbing it in) I guess ya had to be there.


nanny said...

Gosh I would just spend the day in the bathroom with that view!!

Anonymous said...

That all sounds such fun - almost as much fun as sitting in the
1s6ds on the back row of the local cinema in the olden days with the latest boyfriend "trying it on".
Ah memories............

Mater x

tulsagentleman said...

Sharon, you take great photos! Your bathroom has a lot nicer view than ours.

Check my blog. I am doing everything from my iPhone now - take the photo and email it to blogger right from the iPhone. Not that the photos are that great but I'm having fun. I try to post something every day. Kind of like a photo diary.