Monday, January 28, 2008

Today at Kanaha.

I just love this bizarre montage of images in this pici, it feels more like a collage than one photo.

And I’ve never really understood, why did the chicken cross the road?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Friends reunited.

My most excellent friends Jami & Nancy took me out to dinner last night to Casanova’s (aka Casa No-No’s or Casa groovies) and we are always a happy & content little threesome. It had been a while since we’d all been out and about and there are always familiar faces in the dining crowd. So when I looked up and saw Paulo, Paula and their son it was a joy as I haven’t seen them in ages, excusing myself from the table I did my little hello bit and returned to our triangular love fest.
About 15 minutes later I hear someone say ‘Valerio’ and as there are not many of those on Maui I turn to see the handsome devil himself. Well, I’m not going to miss out on that opportunity for un bacio and a hug.....after I re-focus back to my table the energy in the restaurant begins to palpably change and hum – we decide to stay just as Dominique shows up, promptly followed by Chelsea and their men Francesco and Massimmo. P-A-R-T-Y!

As I’m shaking my extra small booty on the dance floor I see Fiona and we have a smile and a wave and I register that I’m glad I’m not in her shoes as they look like they’d make me dance impaired-though clearly she had no such problem! Nancy is spotted by a friend of hers and as she makes a dance floor attempt to introduce me I look at this bloke and say “Hello- you’re Phil McGain !” “Do I know you?” he yells “No” I said…..and was only held in check from asking about his extra small kilt (it’s a small Island) due to the decibel level.

Pio was spinning some killer music but his girlfriend stole the show singing her heart out and looking very sexy in process. I ignored the two taps on my shoulder as dancing is a full contact sport at Casagroovies but on the third tap I turned and exclaimed “Whiksy ya bugger”! Fab-a Brit in the house-my night is complete. Now this is funny as we’ve never really seen each other dance before, so what can you do but laugh at each others ‘technique’ until thankfully someone else promptly makes an arse of themselves doing what Whiksy called the ‘Northern shuffle’!

As the thump of the beat kept the human gyrations going I knew it was time to slip out the back door and into my bed or I’d be non functional in the morning. Serendipitous friend nights rock and I’m happy to report as it is now morning that I’m actually functioning quite normally! 'Kinel there's life in the old girl yet......

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Trash, twins and hitchhikers.

Today as I turned left at the bottom of my road there was a spotty youth with a skate board waiting for a ride. My truck was full front & back so despite momentary eye contact the second I passed him I thought “I should have offered him a lift”. I checked my rear view mirror and was greeted with him earnestly giving me both fingers! I kept driving as he started to skate and then decided to pull over and wait. “Hey you need a ride” I asked “sure” said the spotted youth and I rearranged all my shit to make room for him. Once he settled in I declared “You gave me both fingers, so I figured the least I could do was offer you a ride and give you the opportunity to change your opinion of me”! Poor sod – he squirmed in his seat more than I expected him to, offering up excuses for his bad manners which, credit where it’s due were actually quite good manners!

BTW-if you’re searching for a connection between the photo and the story, there is none! The birds were just waiting for the table to be cleared at a restaurant in San Francisco...

And now for a total non sequitur, a few weeks ago in a horrible case of double jeopardy I glibly purchased my groceries only to remember (when it was too late) that I’d forgotten my handy reusable grocery bag. I guiltily accepted the evil plastic offered to me by the bagging dude. “Please put everything in one bag ” I requested as (momentarily distracted) I paid for my stuff.

As I reached to pick up the thing that wouldn’t disintegrate for a million years the bagging dude said “It was kinda heavy – so I doubled bagged for you” Ahhhhhhhhh!

Talking of trash, this is the kind you get at Kanaha.....

Ah-ha now there’s a link..... so talking of Kanaha look at this lovely happy little chappy playing in the sand there last week. He’s part of set of beautiful twin boys and I really must ask his Mum for her e-mail next time I see her so I can pass this on.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Big yellow taxi.

A few weeks ago I went to a spot that I love not only for its beauty, but also its solitude. There’s always a few peeps around doing their thing but I wasn’t expecting to see the number of tourists that ventured off the beaten path to spock out the spot. I noticed it made me a bit pouty as they just didn’t seem to fit the vibe of the place. As a local truck pulled up thumping reggae and finding no where to park, I quickly had my reality turned around as I’m sure for them I was as much a part of their ‘choke tourist’ observation as anyone else.

What a drag to have your secret playground found out, become over crowded, sign posted, put into guide books, recommended by concierge, gated and finally built on.

I wrestle with this point as I’m part of the problem I gripe about. I didn’t grow up here yet after nearly 19 years on the rock my heart breaks at the lightning speed of change and growth. I own a house here on what used to be pristine land and my business contributes to tourists showing up where I think they don't belong! Who am I to stick out my bottom lip as I live the good life?

Still, Joni Mitchel had it right...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Island Sunset

I was leaning against a chain link fence that was mounted on top of a breeze block wall to take this photo. My dirty truck was right there in an overcrowded neighbourhood, still, the camera never lies.

I notice the sunset is one of the few things I never take for granted. If you take a quiet moment with the changing sky inevitably your disposition is improved. The metaphorical final reluctant pull on the curtains ending the day but starting the excitement and possibility of the evening. Which in my world is predictably dinner with good company and a movie, where excitement and possibility know no bounds!

Sunday, January 06, 2008


I think there’s some unspoken rule that says if you see a garden gnome then you know the owner in question is serious gardener with a distinct lack of taste! Except in my case where I am now the official proud owner (thanks to Ulles and Meesh and their exceptional good taste) of a very distinguished ‘gotta take a poo’ gnome! Isn’t he lovely? 

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Never apologize for your art!

So who's on your fridge?