Sunday, June 29, 2008

Memory Lane.

With a bit of provoking from across the pond, Mater has embarked on the new post nap afternoon ritual of a nice gentle walk. To prove her ambulatory wanderings some pici’s have been proffered and I’m almost sorry I asked!** Case in point....

Now I know (evil) Starbucks is just about everywhere on the planet including Peru, China, Qatar & Egypt (to name a few) but for Gods’ sake, it’s sacrilegious that they are a new tenant on “Street Lane”, of all bloody places! In a peculiar way it feels quite personal – don’t they know that’s part of my hallowed memory ground? Don’t they care that when I go back to the old country I like to reminisce with all the visuals nicely preserved and intact just the way I left them 27 years ago?!

My two penneth to Starbucks is that they should wake up and smell their own damn coffee; Stay in the big bloody cities where you bloody well belong and keep your thieving hands off local neighborhoods and groovy locations that are just plain inappropriate. I ‘kin hate the homogenized planet we’re becoming and to have corporate America plonk their big fat arses right in the middle of my youthful memory box backyard, well, well, well...... it’s just not on!

And honestly if you asked me what was there before I couldn’t tell you, but I know what it wasn’t.......

Now check this one out- as if Big Daddy Buckfuck on Street Lane wasn’t enough someone (in their infinite wisdom) has decided it’s time for another memory from my youth to be demolished. “The Chained Bull” was one of my regular pit stops in my early social wanderings and its being bloody demolished, probably so they can put a big giant bollocksy Starbucks in there! Sure it was a bit naff even back in the day….. hmmm and now I think about it with all the spilt beer, stubbed out fag ends and dropped pork scratchings that over the years had become the very core of the pubs soul, it’s probably not a sooooooo bad that it’s gone.

And finally……Limas in Leeds? That’s’ just wrong.

**Mater-despite my mini rant I love the pici's keep 'um coming!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rear view.

I had a nice little sesh today and in complete opposition to my skilled windsurfing friends, love the flat summer water of Kanaha. I was also observing that I’m practically a youngster as the beach is littered with ‘Cocoon’ age folk, rigging, sailing, laughing, and getting younger by the moment. I overhead one old geezer yelling from the water to his Mrs. on the beach “watch me-watch me”. It just goes to show it doesn’t matter how old you are, we all like to show off and get a bit of approval!

You can tell from the hair, dress and sand that it was blowing today.

I was inspired by Meesh's speedo post and felt compelled to snap this rear end.

However there's no excuse here, it clearly shows I've been hanging out with the Itai waaaaay too much!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie night.

The view from the bathroom...... the best cinema in the Pacific, as this last week we were the lucky recipients of the Maui Film Festival.

It’s a simple concept. Sit outside under the stars in your own beach chair or otherwise appropriate seating and enjoy some incredible movies on a giant screen, with the best sound system Dolby can create, all fueled by the sun. Sprinkle in some live music, short films and killer parties and this is the Maui Film Festival 2008.

Of course the riff raff always seem to find their way in..... open wide kiddies!

and action.......'into the great wide open, under the skies of blue, out in the great wide open, a rebel without a clue'. After some wonderful live music from Makana, a great big group howl at the full moon and the movies were underway. I'm trying to convey the vibe, but (at the risk of rubbing it in) I guess ya had to be there.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Bus.

I grew up taking the bus, to school, to town and even now when I go to a city with good public transport I like to hop on the bus and feel the bumpy lull of affordable transportation. These old double decker's were the best, complete with a conductor, spiral staircase,, a long cord for the bell and the ability to hop on and off just for one or two stop without paying. Of course it was another story after the pubs let out.....not quite so pleasant, barrrrrf!

I’ve lived on Maui for almost 19 years now & July 1st 2008 will be our public transportation's first birthday. Hooray! Granted, it’s not the most high tech of systems, case in point the ‘bus stop’ signs only showed up a few months ago.

What’s got me chuckling recently in the clearly budget challenged Department of Transportation's ‘no expense spared’ solution for passenger seating. The county (in its infinite wisdom and clearly not thinking of rider comfort) went wild and crazy with the new luxury seating. Crikey, I can hear it now “Brah-you like take your truck fo Home Depot & get doe’s buggers some saw horses, so dey like sit & no complain when da bus be late eh”.

Personally here on Maui I think they should have single decker open top buses and provide umbrella hats for protection rain or shine, I might just sit on that uncomfortable bench for that ride.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fortunate one.

There’s a sweet bike ride from my house that only takes 40 minutes, however 25 of those are directly up hill so it’s a good cardio workout and a warm up for what ever else the day has in store. As I cycle past the old dairy (that is now a mushroom farm) I am anointed by the scent of eucalyptus trees and visually, as the green meadows stretch up to meet the blue skys atop Haleakala I momentarily forget I’m peddling. Sounds corny, but it's true.

On the way I pass these majestic beasts. You don’t see much topiary in Hawaii, so I’d love to meet the person who created this herd!

Exhbit A

In the afternoon I headed to the beach wiggled my toes in the sand and the foot straps. Late afternoon at the beach is the best, it' more serene and the light has a sparkly magical quailty to it
that makes all my appreciations and gratitude bubble to the surface, reminding me just how bloody lucky I am.
Exhibit B

Thursday, June 05, 2008