Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day.

A Christmas morning Skype sesh with my Mum for chats and pressie opening was a great way to start the day. To clarify....she is waving not flipping anyone off!

Christmas Day - 1000 Peaks. from Sharon on Vimeo.

Then with lunch and options packed I headed to 1000 Peaks for a SUP session. Notoriously the weather is rainy over the Christmas holiday, but not this and the waves have been cooperating nicely.

If you look in between Giampaolo's legs, that's me!

Herbie goes surfing. Fact: At 26 I bought my very first car which was a VW Bug, it cost approximately $800 so I charged it on my credit card!

I bet this little one received all kinds of gifts for Crimbo, but there's nothing more exciting than combing the beach looking for creatures and shells.

Ufff, that plaggy bag contains gifts of another kind!

After my scrumptious lunch on a quiet beach under the shade of a palm tree (I kid you not), I headed to Honolua Bay to check out the surfing action. I was too lazy to tackle the viewing zoo on the cliff, so stayed at the overlook which provided an amusing rotation of Tourists standing under this sign.

This little inside bowl isn't that little, but compared to the outside it's a ripple.

What a day.

My friend Chico took some terrific shots of Honolua earlier this month. He does it purely for his own creative pleasure and despite us all telling him they are magazine worthy, he shakes us off as he has no interest in that.

Hey Meesh.....if you weren't in England I'd swear that was you duck diving in the tube!

And now it's Boxing Day, so I'm heading to Hana (as one does) to satiate my senses and play some more. When I pop into the Hotel Hana Maui tonight to listen to some lovely Hawaiian music, I'm crossing my fingers they'll have Turkey sarnies on the menu!


Anonymous said...

Why didn't we get skype aeons ago? It's a wonderful invention.

All sorts of comments jumped into my mind when I read your words on picture 3 but I decided to attempt to be a lady and inwardly grin at my thoughts instead!!!Possibly the only one that's printable is "lucky girl"!!!

Lovely pictures of Maui - have a wonderful time in Hana - I just hope it doesn't rain on you but I have a feeling it just might!

Do Mauians know the joys of turkey sarnies with cranberry jelly to moisten the bread?

A happy and healthy New Year to all
your blog fans.

Mater x

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Great pictures as usual. We are fortunate to have the such fine camera.

I can imagine that you fit well between Giampaolo's legs. And is that a Cracker Crown you are wearing?

meesh said...

Just waiting for it to "clear" Shaz, and I'll make my way to the corner shop for your munchies and minstrals. I've realized why there are so many corner shops.... it's because you can't go any further without getting rained on! Anyway, home in a few days, see you soon!

Anonymous said...

As Sharon is away sunning herself in Hana and hasn't answered your question Bill, I'll confirm that that is a cracker crown she is wearing. I sent a half a dozen all the way from Yorkshire so she could have a bit of home to pull at Christmas! For a change they had half decent "gifts" in them but Sharon's crown looks a bit "past its best" the way she is wearing it!