Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Good Life.

Mama's Fish House is an institution on Maui (be it an expensive one). Being beach front they have one of the best views of any restaurant I know. However, I don't frequent it for two reasons: One, I used to shag one of the waiters who (if I see him) is just way too sycophantic and two, to me no entree is worth paying $50 for.

Happily expensive meals, big rings, driving the right car and impressing others with my career climbing are just not my thing. I'm a woman who thrives in environments where the people are authentic and nature is abundant. Don't get me wrong, I like my creature comforts and love my cozy nest, but seeking joy and balance are the twin engines that propel me. Today on the water I said to a friend "I'm so happy right now, if I had a tail I'd be wagging it like crazy"! This West Maui Mountains pici was from yesterdays play time.

Sorry to rub it in given that Dec 12th doesn't look like this everywhere...

I'm a bit short on photos, so as I consider laughter another key ingredient for a good life I want to share this QI clip that I've watched a bunch of times and it never ceases to amuse me. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Mama's Fish House has wonderful food though! Cannot remember you pointing out the waiter you shagged hope you got an entree or two out of him for the pleasure!

You're so right you are lucky to have weather like that on 12 December - it's pissing it down in Roundhay!!!! Your mother is rusting away.

Mater x

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Before we were married Susan and I flew out to San Diego to see the zoo, etc. Our hotel was right next to Ruth's Chris Steak House so we went in for dinner. Two delicious steaks and the tab was $175.00 with no bar bill. Gasp! Oh well, she was worth it. Keep on enjoying paradise. Big rings are for show offs.cotiviz

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know what Bill (TG) is talking about with his "cotiviz" - can you help?

The dearest meal I ever had was when you and I went to Gary Rhodes' restaurant in London. I loved the experience but found it a bit daunting.

Mater x

Sharon said...

TG: $175 dinner for two - sans alcohol.....bloody hell it better have been good! Of course, to gain the good graces of the future Mrs. TG-then twas money well spent!

I did just spend nearly $100 on lunch in da UK, food definitely has a threshold with me, where diminishing returns occurs.

Mater: I don't make it a habit of handing out my Maui 'Map Of The Stars'!

Mchumbie said...

The amazing thing about Mama's Fish House is that it is on a public beach, so we can all go and take our sandwiches and mingle with the elite for free! Definitely the only way I'll ever get there - or would want to :)