Monday, December 07, 2009

Peahi goes off.

Well the massive surf forecast did not show up, but it was still big (I'm guessing 30-35ft) and very beautiful. More of the same is forecast to today and it will start to diminish on Wednesday.

To give you a sense of perspective, there's a helicopter behind that spay. As there was barely an ounce of wind, that plume of mist is a great indicator as to the power of these waves.

The pineapple filed is as good a landing spot as any!

Double your pleasure, double your fun.....

Michelle surprised me by not going all the way up into the tree!

In an act boldness I'd called work to say I'd be in late, as to miss this swell would have been criminal. I was however riddled with guilt which (luckily) magically evaporated once I arrived. Of course, from another perspective one could say his act of boldness took slightly more courage than mine!

Bloody hell.

Ka-booooooom (for the uninitiated that's a technical surf term)!

Proof I was playing truant!

Just one more.....!


Anonymous said...

Seeing those waves was worth pulling a sickie at work, who cares anyway, you're the boss!
What was Michelle's excuse?

What was the helicopter doing out there - they were jolly brave to be so near the rollers.

Mater x

Lano said...

I saw a pic of you on FB and instantly thought you had pulled a sickie! You are dead right, you couldnt have missed that show, great photo's!

Anonymous said...

World-wide fame as the height of the Hawaian waves was mentioned on BBC news!!!!

Mater x

Sharon said...

Mater: Helicopters are always there...for the video that will be released and available in shops soon! I also heard they're making an IMAX film.

As for Meesh, she has fab karma with this kinda stuff and didn't have to bunk of work!

Lano: I felt like I'd won a Wonka Golden Ticket with our great viewing spot and couldn't miss the opportunity!

Mchumbie said...

WOW!! didn't think you got waves that big on Maui. Thanks for reassuring pic of MC on dry land!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mchumbie - long time no hear!
I'm with you on this one, glad to see the girls on dry land.