Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maliko and other things (all less cute).

In response to Lano's request for pictures of the new pup in Kuau town...I'm afraid most of my shots were a variation on this one. I put this down to still having the shakes because moments before I met the fury little dude, I got scared to death by fury dude's dad, Ulli, hiding (and convincingly whimpering) in the dog crate-bastard!

Occasionally Maliko stopped moving...

....queue Donny Osmond 'Puppy love'!

Meanwhile, a band slightly less well known than the Osmonds got together Saturday night and after jamming on the Ukulele Giampaolo declared "I'm born to play this instrument". Having learnt that Aunty Jenny teaches at the Kainoa Senior center he asked for her schedule. "Well first of all you have to be 55" she said.....something for him to look forward to.

"Daddy, Daddy, what's that"?

Don't be scared children it's only Aunty Sharon SUPing with a miniature paddle.

Mmmmmmmm after dinner digestivo anyone?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Who'd have thought?

I stopped by kite beach for no reason in particular. I took a few pictures while chatting on the phone with Cheyenne about how our mind works, 'twas a most satisfying 10 minutes.

Meanwhile two beaches down, the Itai worked on both his tan and uncanny Sea Lion impression. Three weeks into the healing of his fractured foot, I have to say his mind is defiantly his friend. For a man that was used to being in the water daily for hours at a time, he's transitioned to his temporary non-weight bearing world with a minimum of fuss and a great attitude.

My attitude on the other hand is not so positive toward the Ironwood tree. The needles they shed poison the immediate area letting nothing grow in their vicinity except, (or so it would seem) but more Ironwoods. That being said they do provide much needed shade at Kanaha and for that lone reason, I confess to thoughts of begrudging appreciation.

We've had a fat 10-12 days of straight rain so today it was just so good to see the sun again. This thought triggered me into thinking about my brain & then I remembered this clip of Karlology which amused me, be sure to click on part two (if you make it there).

Nothing like a hula-hoop to get the show-offs out of their seats and make the uncoordinated stay glued to theirs!

Tomorrow our friend Hanna (in red) returns to her native Australia and while we don't hang out often, I'll bloody miss her. That being said, if I brazenly invite myself to stay on Lano's sofa, I'll now have two places to stay in Aus and two sources for mail order Polly Waffles!

To repay their fabricated generosity I shall come bearing gifts of Spam Mac Nuts, you know what they say, it's the thought that counts.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Confidence boosters.

Whilst sailing at Kanaha I lost my confidence because of one stupid fall and came in too soon. I've noticed this is a bad habit so before sailing I either have to double brush with Colgate to get in that bloody 'Ring Of Confidence', or think "What would Meesh do"?!

Action of another sort was required to restore my fragile ego so I headed to Ho'okipa, which (for an enthusiastic snap-shot shooter like myself) always delivers.

The usual suspects hung off the guard rail like droning notes on a musical score. Further up the fence the bikers I wanted to photograph were much more interesting, but I still haven't figured out my chat-up lines when asking for a portrait shot. I once read in a book that a compliment is a good opener "Excuse me, you lot look fantastic clad in leather and tatt's....all together now say cheese". Uff, it needs work.

Avoiding possible rejection, I settled on my compliant broken headlight for a close up.

I shall call this one 'Stick in field'!

What lurks beneath at low tide.

As I pulled in my driveway I was greeted by the Amaryllis that are in bloom. "Excuse me, if you don't mind me saying, you look fantastic clad in your red/orange leaves and your stamens are stunning. I think you'd make a great image, do you mind if I take your photo"?

Monday, April 05, 2010

Is a title always necessary?

I've gotta dry my bra's somewhere...

GP models this season's knee high and mid calf gimp boots. The cushions provide the clue as to which foot is fractured. Lest you think he's lying around doing nothing, check out his latest blog entry.

Meet Tiare, she's also making us believe she's lying around doing nothing, but when was the last time you could lay in the floor in this position?! At almost six months old she is officially our youngest, most limber and dare I say it - well behaved member of book club.

The best part of Sunday was SUPing along side a Hawaiian Monk Seal. She'd pop up for air and float cork like, breathing lazily and alternately look right at me or bask with her eyes closed. I stayed out long enough to get my scalp burnt, but it was worth it to be lucky enough to see this lovely animal in her own habitat.

The tulips were as Easter'ish as I got...